January 21, 2022 4:54 pm

Christian López starts 2022 on top with a new Guinness record: “I want to reach 100 this year”



“What better way to start 2022 than by approving another Guinness record and in tandem, with judoka Javier Suárez Iglesias!” That is how happy Christian López, the Spaniard with the most world records, is who has just received the validation of his new record, actually achieved on May 9 after several months of preparation. He worked out in Marbella, where he lives, and Christian in Toledo, where they met on the athletics track in the Santa María de Benquerencia neighborhood (Polígono) to train until the exercise came out. And they succeeded.

The test consisted, from a crouched position, in jumping, opening the arms and legs; and, if alternated, perform more than 82 repetitions in one minute, which was the previous mark.

Finally, Christian and Javier set the new Guinness record for 87 reps in 60 seconds,
as you can see in the video they have posted on Youtube.

For Javier, it is his first record; for Christian, number 85. But the Cabañas de la Sagra from Toledo threatens with that overflowing enthusiasm: «I’m already thinking of reaching 100 records this year! I do not give respite or rest to the body, not even at Christmas. I know it is very difficult, but athletes are like that; always trying to do our best ».

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