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Cavalcades of Kings in Galicia: Ómicron could not with Their Majesties of the East




Neither Ómicron nor the weather could this Wednesday with Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, faithful to their appointment, for the second year under the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, which they overcame, always with ‘heartfelt’, so as not to disappoint the expectations of the little ones. The day was mixed. The Xunta had advocated static parades, but as a recommendation. Each council had a free hand to organize them as it saw fit, and the consistories of La Coruña, Orense and Ferrol decided to rescue the dynamic modality, the journey of a lifetime, while in the rest of the cities they opted for more contained proposals. The rain claimed its share of prominence, but rather in the morning.

Large public in La Coruña, where the Kings crossed the city on a three-kilometer journey, from Sardiñeira to Plaza de María Pita.

The 15 floats were joined by four trains and 14 artistic companies, with 180 extras. One CPandemic abalgata: Covid certificate or antigen test required of participants, organized in bubble groups; in return, the traditional tossing of candy was allowed, banned since March 2020.

In Orense, GonzaloPérez Jácome also opted to recover the traditional, dynamic format, and incorporate a novelty: The Three Wise Men arrived in the city of As Burgas on the newly released AVE, which later changed to a much more archaic method of transport, but also with an unmistakable Christmas scent: camels. The parade left the train station at 6:00 p.m., advanced along Avenida das Caldas, traveled along Rúa do Progreso and ended in the Posío garden. During the tour, with a good influx of public, a procession of animation and floats printed color and musicality to the route, in which wider streets were chosen to reduce crowds – the traditional reception in the Plaza Mayor was eliminated. A motley mixture of bears, dragons, fairies, mosquitoes, butterflies moved through the itinerary. There was also, with profusion, the throwing of sweets.

On the other hand, they were vetoed in Ferrol, where the start of the parade was set for 5:00 p.m., made up of eight floats, complemented by musical, dance and animation groups, with the auction in front of the Jofre theater.

Vigo evokes Verne

In Vigo, where the Christmas lighting will continue until Sunday 16 – according to the mayor, Abel Caballero, due to the “demand” reflected in the “many letters” he has received not to dismantle the device – the morning rain caused the static parade , on Avenida de Castelao, it will not start until 2:00 pm; It lasted until 9:30 p.m. With three access lanes enabled (two by appointment, the other free), more than 120,000 people downloaded the relevant QR code.

Jules Verne’s work was on this occasion the leitmotif of the parade, which consisted of ten floats, five municipal and five contributed by private companies. Caballero asked 2022 to “end the pandemic”, “many gifts for girls and boys” and «A lot of unity» to «continue making Vigo what it is now, the most famous city in the world, with the best people in the world, the best Christmas lights in the world and the most splendid Kings in the world. The olívico alderman, who gave Gaspar the “keys to the city”, closed his speech with his now classic “Viva Vigo!”

In Santiago prudence prevailed. The parade was changed to a reception in the church of Bonaval, in the morning and afternoon. With prior reservation of entry, as a preventive measure – to facilitate the location of attendees in the event of an outbreak – there were no shortage of umbrellas, especially in the morning, in the queues that formed in the heart of the Galician capital.

There were static parades in Lugo, on the esplanade of the Gustavo Freire municipal auditorium; and in Pontevedra, where it was moved to the fairgrounds due to rain forecasts.

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