January 21, 2022 6:30 pm

Axel Kicillof backed Di Tullio with a strong accusation to the attorneys

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, supported the national senator Juliana Di Tullio, and considered as “shameful” the dissemination of a statement from the Federal Council of Attorneys, Prosecutors, Defenders and Advisors of the Argentine Republic in defense of the Buenos Aires Attorney Julio Conte Grand.

“This corporate defense and the attack on a national senator who is only saying what is evident in this scandal is a shame,” the provincial president posted on his social networks. In this way, he joined the block of senators from the Frente de Todos that came out yesterday to support Di Tullio.

The governor then quoted Di Tullio, who had questioned whether the Federal Council of Attorneys had made a statement “about the opinions of a national senator on the premises” during the session of December 29 in the upper house. “It is curious: they do not express themselves on the illegal and state table to persecute trade unionists; that does not affect democratic coexistence ”, the senator ironically stated.

In the session, the legislator had defended a draft declaration of her authorship – which the Body voted unanimously – in which she held responsibility for Grand tale as the author of “an illegal act.” In his speech, Di Tullio condemned “the maneuvers in 2017 of the governments of Mauricio Macri (Nation) and María Eugenia Vidal (Province) to set up legal cases against union leaders” in the framework of the video released days ago where the former Minister of Labor , Marcelo Villegas, spoke of the need to promote an “anti-union Gestapo.”

Di Tullio, when she served as head of the Front for Victory blocDyN

In this context, the senator assured that the Buenos Aires attorney was “a criminal” and said that “he must be subjected to impeachment.”

Faced with this, the Council of Prosecutors, Prosecutors, Defenders and General Advisers of the Argentine Republic and the Federal Council of Criminal Policy, stated on Monday that “excessive and insulting expressions (…) directly injure the normal functioning of institutions and respect for the division of powers ”.

The president of the Senate bloc of the Frente de Todos (FdT) in the Buenos Aires Legislature, Maria Teresa Garcia, said today that he is “concerned” by the silence of the former district governor Maria Eugenia Vidal on the so-called judicial table set up by officials under his management, AFI agents and businessmen with the alleged intention of setting up cases against trade unionists.

”There are silences that are worrying. I am concerned about the silence of the members of Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) who are not macristas and, fundamentally, that of former governor Vidal, ”the legislator stated in statements to El Uncover Radio.

Vidal, when she was governor, with Finocchiaro, Lacunza and Villegas
Vidal, when she was governor, with Finocchiaro, Lacunza and Villegas

Last week, the comptroller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Cristina Caamaño, filed a complaint with the federal justice of La Plata after finding in that agency a disc containing a recording made on June 15, 2017, in which officials of the Vidal government and intelligence agents allegedly orchestrated a persecution and armed from causes to trade union organizations, while they held a meeting with construction businessmen from La Plata.


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