January 25, 2022 4:09 pm

Assembled families: it went viral on TikTok by showing the curious way they live together

We’ve said it several times already: while there are so many risks around social media, it also has the potential to become a super powerful platform to open up discussions that we need to have. This time: assembled families.

The case of Shelley Hunt, a Canadian mom who went viral on TikTok this week, is a great example of this as – in telling how she and her partner decided to join their families – she raised an important question: Why do we continue to think that there is only one possible family format?

Super active on the social network, Shelley Hunt is a 38-year-old Canadian woman and mother of two. While on TikTok he shares different videos where he talks about sexuality, self-love, his family and even looks fashionistas, the one that really stood out was the one where he told how with his partner (Peter Verge, father of three) they decided to join their families.

Living in a house with two suites, Shelley shares one of the rooms with his children while Pete lives with his children the other. Super equipped, this was the solution they found to the need that, although both families can live together, they have their spaces and privacy. Or -as she says- “Blended-unblended”(Mixed-unmixed).

“We had just started dating and living with five children did not seem prudent. Neither for us nor for them [Además ya] I had been through a house fire and divorce, many subsequent moves and transitions, so I just wanted to have a stable situation for my children. ”- Shelley Hunt

Foto: @shellhuntful

According to Shelley herself, the structure of this home is not so new in Canada and it was quite easy to find. With separate entrances, its own kitchens and separate living rooms, her side has two bedrooms and a bathroom, while Pete’s has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Shared spaces are the hallway and the laundry room.

Along with this, in another of his videos, he also tells that they have their separate economy: “That’s the best part of this type of arrangement: we know exactly what we are responsible for and each of us handles our own things. We are responsible for our children and our homes. I make sure my kids are ready, eat breakfast, go to school, their extracurricular activities, all appointments, give them dinner, and make sure they have everything they need in life. Peter is the same. We clean our own spaces. We organize childcare for our own children. Sometimes we ask each other for help, but it is always exactly that: a question”.


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