January 18, 2022 11:03 pm

Anses payments: what benefits are charged this Wednesday, January 5

The Anses (National Administration of Social Security) continues with the payment of its social benefits according to the calendar of the month, and disseminates the corresponding allocations to the Wednesday, January 5.

To know the date of collection of a benefit, it is necessary to review the payment schedule established by the organization, which on this date includes the payment of Non-Contributory Pensions, according to the date of termination of the DNI of the beneficiaries.

To know the start of the payment of benefits and all the collection dates, see the full Anses calendar for the month of January.

On Monday, January 3, the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat opened the registration for the Federal Proprietary House Program, which assigns a new line of credits at a rate of 0 for the construction of single-family homes.

Credits can be processed remotely within the Ministry portal, are achieved with 100% financing and do not require prior savings. The maximum term for the return of the amount, which can range from 4.3 to 4.9 million pesos, is 30 years.

In turn, if you prefer, the Program has a line of manufacture of own home that guarantees speed in the construction of the new home. The Home Ownership loans reach all jurisdictions in the country.

The participants may include only one co-owner, to which they must be linked by any of the following links:

All notifications within the framework of these bases and conditions will be made to the email address declared by the participant in the registration form.


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