January 24, 2022 1:38 pm

Another murderous gang in Entre Ríos: This time, they chased and stabbed a man in Federación

When Entre Rios society is still shocked by the murder of Jesús Fernández, attacked during the New Year celebrations, in front of his wife and 14-year-old son, by a youth gang of at least 20 members in Gualeguay, another group of teenagers stained their hands with blood and carried out a new homicide.

On Monday, after 10:30 p.m., a persecution broke out through the streets of the 144 Viviendas neighborhood, in the town of Federation, in the north of the province. Juan Salazar, 29, was intercepted on the public highway by a group of teenagers who attacked him.

“According to the witnesses in court, it is a group of four people, some of them minor old. Salazar tried to take refuge in a neighbor’s house, but they managed to catch up with him, stabbed him in the chest – inches from his heart – and then fled ”, explained the chief commissioner Fabio Noya, head of the Federation Police Department.

“The neighbors called the police and an ambulance, which immediately transferred the victim to the San José Hospital, in Federación. There they gave him the first medical attention, and once they stabilized him, he was transferred to the Masvernat Hospital, in the city of Concordia, where he underwent surgery and was admitted to intensive care. Unfortunately, a few hours later Salazar died, ”Noya informed THE NATION.

During the morning of Tuesday, at the request of the prosecutor María Josefina Penon Busaniche, the Guarantees Court ordered different searches at the homes of the attackers, who had been identified by witnesses. There, different elements of interest for the cause were collected. In the afternoon, A 20-year-old young man was detained, who remains housed in the Departmental Headquarters of the Federation, at the disposal of Justice.

Salazar’s crime is the second homicide involving gangs of minors so far in 2022 in the province of Entre Ríos. On January 1, Jesús Fernández (36) was assassinated in the Intendente Quintana Park, in Gualeguay.


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