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Ángel Correa 2026: Atlético de Madrid accompanied him to the operating room and now it has been his home for years

While Diego Simeone celebrates 10 years as coach of Atlético de MadridThere is another Argentine who would be happy to reach a decade in the mattress club. It is on its way. It’s been seven years now and just signed to extend that link until 2026. Identification and mutual gratitude seal the relationship of Angel Correa (26 years) with Atlético.

“It is a pride and a joy to have been here for so many years. I feel like it’s my home. I did not imagine it when I arrived because the normal thing is for a footballer to change teams soon after. I appreciate that they love me so much. I will continue demanding myself to the fullest; for me it is as if I had just arrived at Atlético, ”said Correa, who on Sunday scored the 2-0 goals against Rayo Vallecano, a victory that interrupted an unprecedented negative streak of four consecutive defeats in the Spanish league.

The story of mutual affection between Angelito and Atlético first went through an operating room and then was substantiated on the courts. Member of the campaign San Lorenzo who won the 2014 Copa Libertadores, the forward was hired when he was 19 years old for 10.5 million euros, a figure that makes the transfer the second among the highest of the history of the Cyclone, behind that of the Colombian Ivan Cordoba to Inter for 14 million.

But the debut in Spain was delayed for several months due to an unforeseen event with dramatic connotations. A medical review found that a surgical intervention was necessary for a benign cyst in the left ventricle of the heart. “The doctors had told me that everything would be fine and that there was no risk of not being able to play again, but it was all a lie. They had lied to me. They did not tell me anything before the operation so as not to worry, but after everything went well they recognized me that there was a possibility that if something had gone wrong I would not play again, “he said a few years ago about the operation they performed in New York .

That is why in this new contract that you have just signed there is a present gratitude for the support in the past: “Before I was an Atlético player, they bet on me, the club paid for the operation. I’m going to be grateful for life because they showed me affection from day one ”.

The best way to give back that the Rosario found was to show in all these years to be a team footballer. Prioritize collective needs over personal convenience. Never a frown or a disgruntled gesture if he has to go to the bank or be replaced. It is not an indisputable, but it is an indispensable. Tactically translated, this means that many times he sacrifices himself to be the fourth midfielder in Simeone’s 4-4-2, something that moves him away from the scorer forward that it carries inside, as well as dribbling and mobility to disarm defenses. His spirit of solidarity never implied a lack of ambition: “I don’t want to be there; I want to play for Atlético ”, he was heard more than once.

His continuity was in doubt a couple of years ago, when he was able to leave if Milan an initial offer would have improved and Atlético would have closed the incorporation of Rodrigo Moreno. Last Sunday Correa formed the offensive duo with Luis Suarez and its effectiveness compensated for the drought that the Uruguayan is dragging on. Since he debuted on August 22, 2015 against Las Palmas, he has been adding to become the Argentine with the most presence in the history of Atlético: accumulates 305 games, with 53 goals Y 51 assists. He is fourth among the top scorers of the Simeone era, behind Antoine Griezmann (138), Diego Costa (75) and Radamel Falcao (58). In the list of Argentines who played the most in the mattress team, he left behind the Kun Agüero, which reached the mark of 231 matches between 2006 and 2011. Of the current squad, in number of matches it is surpassed only Boil (519) e Jan Obak (323).

Diego Simeone acknowledges Correa with an affectionate greeting.CRISTINA QUICLER – AFP

Correa’s name is also linked to last goal scored at the Vicente Calderón stadium, step prior to moving to the new Wanda Metropolitano. And his influence was decisive in the conquest of the last league title. The defeat against Valladolid gave life to Barcelona, ​​but Correa’s draw came and then the winning goal for Suárez. In the last stage of the tournament, when Atlético’s wide advantage that it had achieved vanished, before the harassment of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Correa stood out with five goals and two assists in the last nine dates. This is how he added his third star, after the Europa League and the European Super Cup in 2018.

Celebration with Lionel Messi in the last Copa América;  Angelito is waiting for the World Cup in Qatar.
Celebration with Lionel Messi in the last Copa América; Angelito is waiting for the World Cup in Qatar.Photo AP / Bruna Prado – AP

“We started the year well. Hopefully injuries respect us so we can fight against the greatest. It is what we want, ”said Correa, whom surely the 2022 will reserve a place for him in the squad of the Argentine national team that will go to the Qatar World Cup, after being part of the conquest of the America Cup. Meanwhile, his continuity at Atlético is also related to the family life project in Madrid, where he convinced his mother to move in with the four youngest siblings out of the total of ten, after the father’s death -I accompanied him to play baby soccer- when Ángel was 10 years old and tragedy of the brother who committed suicide in 2017. “Thanks to Atlético, my family and I stopped being poor.” When times of abundance have arrived, Atlético and Angelito understand each other and appreciate each other to continue being together.


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