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After the death of his sister, Gabo Usandivaras recorded a video and left an emotional message

Gabo Usandivaras He manifested himself on his social networks with a video after the sad news of the death of his 30-year-old sister Giselle was known days ago. The historic dancer of ShowMatch He shared a footage on his Instagram stories and thanked followers for all the affection they gave him. “I feel lucky to receive so much love”, He asserted.

Usandivaras uploaded his recording on Monday to his Instagram account. There he appears in the foreground in front of the camera, wearing black glasses and with a calm demeanor. “It’s a bit difficult for me, with everything I like to talk about, it costs me a bit at the same time to express myself because I also by these means we always communicate and transmit joys and joys are what I am looking for to be a little stronger”, Said Gabo, who has lived outside of Mexico for a couple of years. Argentina.

The appearance of Gabo Usandivaras in the networks after the death of his sister

In that sense, he added: “It’s been a long time since I recorded talking stories, but I have the desire to convey what enormously grateful that I feel for the love that they are giving me, both my friends and a lot of people that I don’t really know but who are in charge of sending me a lot of love ”.

With great temperance despite the difficult moment he is going through, he pointed out: “I am very far from home, from my people and love feels enormouslyso thank you and let me tell you that you are the engine to keep this madness going. I feel lucky to receive so much, so much love”.

Gabo Usandivaras goes through a difficult moment in his life after the death of his 30-year-old sister GiselleInstagram / @gab thousandsivaras

At the end of the video, the dance partner of many stars of the DancingHe reflected: “That said, If I feel that love can do me so good in such a shitty time, people, let’s not deprive ourselves of giving love everywhere and to all people, whether we have them near or far ”. To close the message, he said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you. And good, know that here I am putting hue …”.

Although this is the first time that the dancer speaks directly to his followers after the death of Giselle, He had already published emotional messages in previous days that referred to the painful event.

The news of the death of Giselle Usandivaras was given in The angels of the morning (the thirteen). Upon being made public, the participant of ShowMatch He uploaded a photo in which he is seen holding hands with her in Cancun as they walk together. “Always like this! A day like today a year ago, “he wrote in the post.

The memory of Usandivaras with his sister
The memory of Usandivaras with his sister

Days after that publication, Usandivaras uploaded a series of photos with her sister to Instagram, all in laughing attitudes, and wrote: “Some selfies with my friend, accomplice and guardian. They say that good things last a short time and my life is showing me that that saying is right. But that does not mean that I have the desire and obligation to thank life for rewarding me with your presence”.

The dancer shared a post dedicated to his sister Giselle (Photo: Instagram Capture / @ gabousandivaras)
The dancer shared a post dedicated to his sister Giselle (Photo: Instagram Capture / @ gabousandivaras)

In addition, he expressed: “Overcoming all my parameters of love, above all, is my duo with my sister. I still find it hard to believe that life can be so beautiful again. But I know I can embellish it to make it look like it. But the world stopped being so beautiful. Is a reality”.


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