January 22, 2022 6:28 pm

A woman approached the place where a homeless man slept and set it on fire in the Pompeii neighborhood

It is not the first time that an event of these characteristics has occurred. In the early morning of December 26, the City cameras captured the exact moment when a A woman approached a homeless man sleeping on the street and with a lighter set fire to the place, where he rested and where he kept his belongings.

It happened in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Pompeii, around 4:40 on 1200 Cobo Street. Less than 30 seconds it took the aggressor to start the flares, which first took the mattress and the plastic that covered the homeless car. As soon as she made her attack, the attacker ran off and turned a corner.

It was a man who was in the area who, upon noticing the fire, approached to try to put it out. At that time, the homeless man who was sleeping He went out and fought the flames too.

A woman set fire to a homeless man while he slept on the street and everything was recorded in a security cameraCapture


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