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A town in Gran Canaria that deserves to be among the most beautiful in Spain



Teror is 65 kilometers from Maspalomas along the comfortable road (the one inland is another story), the one that passes through The Gran Canarian palms, but those few kilometers seem light years in tourist measure. From the dunes, the party and the huge English beach You go to a beautiful inland town, little known on the peninsula, where the image of the Virgen del Pino, the patron saint of the Diocese of the Canary Islands, is venerated.

Teror Town Hall
Teror Town Hall

The main street of Terror leads straight to that Basilica of the Virgen del Pino It began to be built in 1767, although it was later reformed. And between that beginning of the street and the square of the basilica, a pilgrimage center for Canaries, time is also deceiving: in those meters you can spend a few minutes or a few hours, depending on how the charm of their houses, colors, shops.

A tile in one of the streets of this town gives newcomers a good summary of what they see. “Town of 15th century balconies, with an altitude of 589 meters and 12,500 inhabitants who, together with the Virgen del Pino, welcome you ».

The walk through the historic center takes us along Calle Real de la Plaza, between brightly colored houses, cobbled soil and volcanic stone, from the new Town Hall, now at the entrance of the town, to the old Town Hall, to that Plaza de Our Lady of the Pine and the imposing laurel of the Indies that watches the passage of time. Here one of the oldest street markets on the island is held every Sunday, with two centuries of history.

Basilica of the Virgen del Pino, next to a huge laurel de Indias
Basilica of the Virgen del Pino, next to a huge laurel de Indias

The basilica is one of the most important temples in the Canary Islands, and the first to receive that title from the Holy See. Just a careful look at its altarpieces, the image of the Virgin (from 1535) and the sculptural heritage gathered here makes up for the trip. Inside we are surrounded by silence and an atmosphere of a certain gloom. Outside, the explosion of light from the island returns, and the colors of a town whose houses climb up the slope.

On the route through Teror you have to see the nearby Episcopal Palace and Plaza Teresa de Bolívar, named in honor of the wife of Simón Bolívar, great-granddaughter of Bernardo Rodríguez del Toro, born in Teror in 1675 in what is now the House Museum of the Patrons of the Virgin. But above all, you have to walk around and sit down to taste a stew, a Teror chorizo ​​sandwich, some cheese spread with paprika or gofio, some wrinkled potatoes and some sweets.

When you leave the coast highway, Teror is reached by one of those narrow mountain roads that surprise uninformed tourists so much. The interior of Gran Canaria is mountainous, with difficult and beautiful roads, full of trails, rocks and other beautiful towns in Spain, such as Tejeda, a balcony over the rocks Nublo and Bentayga. There, so far from Maspalomas.

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