January 24, 2022 1:08 pm

A chair: this is how a thief was expelled from an ice cream parlor in Brazil

One thief it was kicked out by a teller while attempting to rob a ice cream shop in Brusque, Brazil, late last year. The other two employees of the premises later joined the lynching. Later, the Military Police arrived and detained the subject, there were no injuries.

A chamber of commerce security caught when the 32-year-old criminal entered the ice cream parlor and threatened the cashier with taking the proceeds. At that time one of the employees He took a chair and began to beat the thief repeatedly.

At that moment the assailant fell to the ground and the owner of the premises approached to help the employee disable the offender. As the man had on a motorcycle helmet, once retained, Another employee arrived and began hitting him repeatedly on the head.

In the establishment there was also a woman with her two children, the woman ran off in terror with one of the boys, forgetting about the second child and then came back for him.

After the beating of the criminal, the Military Police arrived and reassured the employees of the premises, one of the officers, said that “it was necessary to contain the people, because they wanted to lynch the author and he was already wounded enough before the arrival of the garrison ”.

After the assault, which occurred on December 26 of last year around 8:47 p.m. local time, the thief was immediately arrested and, after receiving medical attention, he was transferred the following day to the Brusque Advanced Penitentiary Unit.

According to the owner of the ice cream parlor, this is the first theft suffered by the establishment since it opened four years ago: “At the time it was a scare. Then we went to think about the consequences of what could have happened “ .

This case is similar to another that occurred in 2016 in a maxikiosk in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo, when a businessman tired of being robbed four times in a month he threw a chair at a thief who was also asking for the collection.


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