January 22, 2022 6:21 pm

11 photographs that portray the wild African nature

Either protecting species, restoring habitats or promoting changes in policy regarding the conservation of nature, the African Wildlife Foundation –AWF– has been caring for biodiversity in Africa for 60 years. Now, on the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary and in a way that tries to approach new forms of communication, it has just inaugurated the first photography contest dedicated exclusively to the biodiversity of the African continent.

“Our 60 years in conservation have shown us what success can be like. We have seen the continent withstand the worst poaching crisis, recovered key wildlife species from the brink of extinction, including the black rhino and elephant, and helped raise awareness of species such as the giraffe, which are often passed by. high but they have almost disappeared before our eyes “, declares Nancy Githaiga, Director of AWF Kenya. “We are dedicated to defining and refining Africa’s agendas for conservation and development, and spreading these voices around the world.”

“In the context of a rapidly changing Africa and with 60 years of experience, AWF has renewed its vision and proposed new strategic approaches to become a global conservation organization,” he adds. Kaddu Sebunya, CEO of AWF. “Through the awards Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards, at AWF we are committed to finding, helping and giving a speaker to the authentic African voices that advocate against the destruction of the natural heritage of wildlife “, he declares emphatically.

In this gallery of images we present you the award-winning photos in the 11 categories of the newborn contest, named after the late President of Tanzania, a long-time member of the AWF board of directors and known for his active role in conservation in Africa. Its 11 images bring us closer to the reality of the biodiversity of the African continent through 16 stories.


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