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Where to ice skating in Madrid: these are the slopes around the capital



The streets of the capital shine under the lighting and thousands of people begin to go from store to store to buy gifts for their loved ones. The Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor attracts tourists and locals and the smell of roasted chestnuts permeates everything. This cannot mean anything else: Christmas is back in Madrid.

The Christmas It is one of the favorite times of the people of Madrid. The city is full of plans and the streets are filled with people who want to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere that is breathed in every corner.

One of those activities so typical of these festivals and that arouses so many passions every year is the ice skating. As confirmed by the tourism portal of the Community of Madrid, the already traditional ice rinks of the Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles and Matadero Madrid have already opened their doors next to those of the Centro, Fuencarral- El Pardo, Moncloa- districts. Aravaca, Puente de Vallecas, Salamanca and Usera.

All will keep running until next January 9, when the festivities come to an end.

Madrid’s ice rinks

Colón Javier Fernández ice rink

One more year, the skater Javier Fernandez promotes a skating rink in the Plaza de Colón that will make both young and old enjoy Christmas from November 26 to January 9.

The entrance fee to the ice rink is € 7.5. 10% of the proceeds will go to Down España, whose objective is to facilitate the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in all areas of their lives.

Matadero Madrid ice rink

The Matadero ice rink is once again the largest in the entire city, with an area of 600 square meters. It will be active from December 3, 2021 to January 9, 2022.

In addition to being able to practice ice skating, the rink will take place free exhibits figure skating by the Madrid Winter Sports Federation scheduled for December 26 and 30 and January 2 at 11.30 am.

Cibeles ice rink

The Cibeles ice rink will take a little longer to open. It will do so on December 17 and the space could not be more spectacular: the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace.

Juan Goytisolo ice rink

The residents of the Centro district will be able to enjoy the ice rink located in the Juan Goytisolo square.

Explanada Puente del Rey ice rink

The residents of the Moncloa-Aravacsa district will be able to go to the Explanada Puente del Rey and also enjoy one of the winter sports par excellence.

Opening dates and times are yet to be confirmed.

Puente de Vallecas ice rink

The Puente de Vallecas ice rink will be a didactic pisya that will bring the little ones closer to a winter sport by encouraging reading.

Ice rink Christmas area

The residents of Fuencarral and El Pardo will also be able to enjoy ice rinks, one located on Avenida de Monforte de Lenos and the other in La Vaguada park.

Fairground ice rink

In the esplanade of the Municipal Board of Usera, on Avenida Rafael Ybarra 41, an ice rink will also open.

Salvador Allende Park ice rink

Another Madrid ice rink will be located in the La Peseta Metro. It also includes an ice slide. It will open its doors until January 9.

Plaza de España ice rink

The novelty this year is, without a doubt, the new ice rink that will be located in the recently inaugurated new Plaza de España. The dates are yet to be confirmed. the Boulevard of Avenida Entrevías, at the exit of RENFE Assembly of Madrid-Entrevías, will host the event Skating on Letters.

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