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Today’s latest sports news Saturday, December 4



The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all users. All the news of Saturday, December 4 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

An overwhelming Marc Gasol at his LEB Gold premiere

Inactivity has not taken a toll on Marc Gasol in his debut at the LEB Oro. The pivot from the NBA He was the most decisive player in the Girona basketball in the victory against Huesca La Magia. Gasol scored 19 points and grabbed 16 rebounds for a PIR of 39.

Magnus Carlsen plays with fire and ends up winning the longest game of a World Cup

Time is an essential factor in chess, especially when it runs out. Magnus Carlsen played with fire in the sixth game of World Chess, in which he was left with only 20 seconds per movement to reach the first control.

“That is nothing in a complex position,” noted the great teacher. Pepe Cuenca on Chess24. Best of all, it was the champion himself who got into that mess, just when it seemed that the game was heading towards the sixth consecutive tables of the championship. It was even the Norwegian who seemed to be fighting for the tie. So much risk was not in vain and in an eternal game, lasting almost eight hours, he ended up bending the applicant, who will have a very difficult time recovering from the beating.

Ancelotti plays it with Casemiro

The March 2, 2016 Carlos Henrique’s life changed Casemiro. Zidane decided that Real Madrid’s midfield needed a motor to slow down the opposing team’s counterattack and the Brazilian was given an opportunity against Levante, 1-3 in Valencia, which he took advantage of thanks to its destructive efficiency. Since then he has been the traveling companion of Modric y Kroos During six years in which he has celebrated fourteen titles with his club and a Copa América with Brazil.

Pochettino, angry with the press and threatening to escape: “If they know so much why don’t they sit here”

Mauricio Pochettino, PSG coach, experienced a convulsive press conference in the run-up to the match against Lens. The Argentine coach did not like some of the questions from journalists about the operation of his team, and got up from his seat to leave the press room before re-entering with the intention of changing the course of the appearance.

A definitive leap for Spanish curling

Without getting to the eccentricity of the Jamaican bobsleigh team, talking about curling It implies making it one of the most minority sports practiced in Spain, with just 200 licenses and not a single exclusive track on which to train. Even someone really interested in learning the discipline would have a hard time finding one of the ten clubs that are currently active. Even more surprising is that, despite the small size of its ecosystem and the obvious obstacles, Spain can boast of two world medals (bronze in mixed doubles in 2014 and silver in mixed teams in 2018), successes whose proportion does not correspond to everything what was written above. Still something is missing, the Olympic dream. Spain has never sent a curling team to a Games, and this weekend it is facing the historic opportunity of having the first of them in Beijing 2022. There are two places to be awarded, and the mixed doubles team formed by Oihane Otaegi and Mikel Unanue will try to catch one of them in a very tough tournament to which fourteen teams are called up in Leeuwarden (Netherlands).

50 million to launder human rights in Arabia

Entering Formula 1 in an unknown dimension and of powerful diplomatic debate, Saudi Arabia, and nobody’s pulse is shaking because the main horizon of this sport is its sanctity, the dollar. But Saudi Arabia pays 50 million euros to host one race a year. It is the country with a battered reputation for human rights, where the woman is subject to male guardianship, represents 5 percent of the labor system and in 2018 he obtained a driving license and where the death penalty is a common method of justice. Surely the nation that pays the most for the canon to F1 owners. Arabia, which has already hosted the Dakar, Formula E, soccer Super Cups and golf tournaments, shows a very fast urban circuit, in which an average speed of 250 km / h is expected only lower than that of Monza, of a length only exceeded through Spa, 27 curves that are actually 6, which scares the drivers due to the nearby walls and the narrowness, which is run at night … And which has been completed on Thursday afternoon, the last touches before That this Friday the cars will be launched on the track. Difficult to find more incentives.

Verstappen and the desired accident

They run the title in two races
Lewis Hamilton
and Max Verstappen, with eight points of advantage for the Dutchman and a lower car in the last rounds against Mercedes. The dynamic of results, clear victories for the Briton in Brazil and Qatar, prompts him to predict his eighth title because his car has exhibited superlative power, but also selective memory recalls many incidents throughout history in a tight finish like this one.

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