January 18, 2022 11:26 pm

They arrest a man for allegedly murdering his partner in a house in the center of Valencia




A woman thirty years old has died after being stabbed presumably by his partner, a 35-year-old man, in a house on Conde Altea street in Valencia, as confirmed to Europa Press sources of the investigation.

The events occurred in a building in the Valencian neighborhood of the Eixample, where the agents found this Saturday the lifeless body of the woman, born in 1991. The National Police has arrested the victim’s partner, a man born in 1986, as the alleged perpetrator of the events.

This Saturday, around 12 noon, the body was removed, after judicial authorization. The event is investigated as a case of gender violence, have indicated the same sources.

As the Levante-EMV newspaper has advanced, the alleged perpetrator was found slightly injured at 9 a.m. this Friday, when I was trying to escape from the building by the desunado, by the workers of a restaurant adjoining the portal of the house.

The individual He assured that he had tried to rob the farm and that he had fallen. The employees then alerted the National Police, whose agents arrested the man for robbery and took him to a hospital. After taking a statement from him, he was released, although he remained admitted to the hospital.

This saturday, the victim’s motherAfter her sister reported the disappearance, she went to her daughter’s apartment, where found her stabbed. Agents of the National Police traveled to the home where they found that the woman had no pulse, for which they requested urgent medical help.

The medical team certified the death of the young woman in her thirties and the Police Homicide group has taken charge of the investigation, while the Corps’ scientific area has carried out visual inspections of the house and the farm to find footprints and other clues. related to crime.

Likewise, the agents went back to the hospital where the man, the victim’s partner, who has been arrested for an alleged crime of murder.

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