January 22, 2022 5:55 pm

The time has come to swallow frogs

With his back to the Congress, escorted by Esteban Castro, Dina Sánchez and other Union militants of Workers of the Popular Economy, Juan Grabois chose the day before yesterday the most provocative comparison. “There is no Banelco, like 20 years ago: there is American Express,” he said. The session to discuss the packaging law, a government project, had failed on Tuesday, and the leader of the Frente Patria Grande accused legislators of having been influenced by US companies. “The corrupt lobby of the big corporations went well: they managed to prevent some of the ministers who signed the law from standing up for the law. When they can’t buy you, they manage to intimidate you, keep you quiet. We totally hit Máximo Kirchner and Grabois, but you stay quiet, ”he told Radio 10.

It is difficult for the project to come out. It is not just any project: La Cámpora promotes it in a moment Sensitive intern of the Frente de Todos, in full dispute with part of the PJ, and according to calculations could collect between 350,000 and 420,000 million pesos annually. This time, unlike what happened with the labeling, the ruling party could not convince those of Together for Change. Gladys González, president of the Senate Environment Committee, who until a few months ago told her colleagues that they could not give her those flags to the left, is now working on an “improved” text.

But the obstacles are not only in the opposition. Grabois blames a management of lobbying that in reality it was unfinished: the annual trip that the North American Chamber of Commerce makes with legislators and other leaders to Washington, which was due to begin last Saturday, included meetings with Juan González, Biden’s adviser and senior director of Western Hemisphere Affairs; Kevin O’Reilly, deputy assistant secretary of the State Department, and Katherine Tai, representative of Commerce, and who was frustrated because there were seven invited deputies and the issue had to be discussed in the chamber. In the companies they attribute the criticism to the fact that they always act with transparency since they have nothing to hide because they have already organized 65 trips, but it is likely that everything has been triggered by including in the invitation Itaí Hagman, from the Grabois block, which surely alerted the social leader.

The reality is that the packaging law did not even enthuse Peronism. “If there were a box for the unions, the CGT would be supporting”, they smiled in a municipality. Neither did all the Buenos Aires mayors join in, who have begun to get excited about a new stage after the upturn in the suburbs between the primaries and the legislatures.

Winds that changed with the result. Since then, for example, In the Front of All that project of Máximo Kirchner to preside over the PJ is blurred Buenos Aires. The reconfiguration is supported higher up: it is Cristina, the chief, who gives the community leaders a more relevant role. It is true that Insaurralde’s entry into Kicillof’s cabinet was her idea, but subject to conditions from that of Lomas de Zamora. He rejected the first offer, that of being a Minister of Government. “I’m not going to have the irons,” they say he answered, and then they agreed to speak again. He accepted the second proposal, that of being head of the Cabinet, a position that has the authority of the firm for multiple decisions. “Irons”. Later other mayors joined. Leonardo Nardini, from Malvinas Argentinas, to the Ministry of Infrastructure. Héctor Olivera, from Tordillo, as president of the Water Authority. And, the day before yesterday, Ariel Sujarchuk, from Escobar, to a national position: head of the National Entity for the Control and Management of the Waterway. All charges with “irons”.

For Kicillof it was difficult because he was focused on his little circle. The Clio by Carlos Bianco. The Peronists who do not want the governor force two details that, they say, show a certain disdain on the part of Cristina Kirchner. The most significant is that after the primaries, when Kicillof called her to meet, the vice president did not receive him immediately: she replied that she could not “before Friday”, but it turns out that that Friday she would not be in Buenos Aires, but in El Calafate. And that’s why the governor had to travel. Like when, already president-elect, Alberto Fernández visited her in the department of Juncal and Uruguay. The other clue is more subtle, only evident to leaders of far-fetched thought, which there are: upon receiving him at his home, he made him enter through the front door, not for less visible income, so that the meeting would end up being public.

In any case, Kicillof seems to find it easier to discipline himself than the President. He is a loyal militant. In addition, the result allowed him to improve the relationship of forces in the provincial Senate, where the ruling party is 23-23 and where many issues that politics consider attractive are settled. Among them, positions in about 12 areas of potential appointments. Bagsa, for example, a surplus stock company that supplies gas through networks, with a presence in more than 60 towns. Or the Buenos Aires Guarantee Fund (Fogaba), created to facilitate access to credit for SMEs and whose board of directors is made up of representatives of the private sector and the State. Or the Water Authority, with a board of four members, and the Ombudsman’s Office, with a defender, a deputy defender, various undersecretaries and delegations in a few municipalities. Also the Education Council, with a huge territorial presence. What militant would reject, for example, Centrales de la Costa Atlántica SA, that directory that must also include the opposition? Not to mention Banco Provincia, with its eight directors, or the associated companies of the Bapro Group, each with regular and alternate directors and trustees: Stock Market Province, Insurance Province, Life Province, ART Province, Leasing Province, Mandate Province, NET Province and Province Funds. A Buenosairean leader could also aspire to the Court of Accounts if, as it seems, resignations due to illness arise. There are more classic places, such as treasurer and sub-treasurer, general accountant and sub-accountant of the province, four positions that are about to expire, or the Supreme Court of Justice, still with three vacancies of ministers, or the State Attorney’s Office, relevant in any administration.

Son desirable places for mayors who now feel that they have put the body in the campaign it made sense. And that, for the first time since 2019, there is something that exceeds La Cámpora and the Clio. The sensation also reaches the national government, where the resignation of Débora Giorgi as Roberto Feletti’s undersecretary was celebrated. They attribute flaws in the frozen price lists, but the objections actually came from the very moment when, without yet being designated in the Official Gazette, the economist conducted meetings with businessmen. “It was an act of independence for Alberto!” An official was emboldened. It is a kind of internal spring. Certified, they say, in the paragraph of Cristina Kirchner’s letter that states that it is the President who always had “the pen.” Or is it just a take away to a new text? “At least now she is outside: it does not suit her that this does not work,” evaluated a massista.

Are tensions also explain discursive over-acting. The day before yesterday, at the UIA, Alberto Fernández demanded from the IMF a review of the conditions of the loan granted to Macri, something that the organization had foreseen due to the nature of the agreement. Because the background is different: everyone, including those who criticize, discounted that there will be an understanding. “I’m not naive,” Grabois resigned himself last week. The national and popular pomp is designed for that part of the electorate. Those sectors that, like La Cámpora, arrived late two weeks ago to the Alberto Fernández seat and for whom it will not be easy to reverse a stanza of the anthem that is still posted on various Twitter accounts: “We will not pay that debt that they left. with the hunger of the people ”. It is time to swallow toads.


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