January 25, 2022 6:11 pm

The Olympic Week and the Adapted Spanish Championship begin in Gran Canaria

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With the closing of registrations today Friday, sealing of sails and security control, the organization faces four days of competition in the water from tomorrow Saturday. Confirmed 159 participants representing Norway, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Latvia, Thailand, Barein and Spain. The flags that represent them are already flying in the nautical Gran Canaria for an event where it seems that the wind will accompany a forecast between 8 to 14 knots.

The Canarian Sailing Olympic Week, in its twenty-third edition, incorporates interesting novelties at the logistics level including the municipality of Mogán as its headquarters, for which the collaboration of the Insular Sailing Federation with the Joaquín Blanco Sailing School has been essential, where they will be competing double classes 420 and 29er.

Among the crews, the local teams composed of Jaime Ayarza / Mariano Hernández together with Martina Lodos / Martina Díaz-Salgueiro, both with international podiums in 2021 in the European and World Championships, will start as favorites in these classes respectively. After this appointment, the female crew will depart for Oman to participate in the ISAF World Junior Championships.

In the bay of Las Palmas there will be three regatta courses for the Hansa 303, 2.4 mR, Snipe, Laser 4, 6 and 7, Techno classes and for the first time in Gran Canaria waters, two new and fast boats will join: the IQFoil, including in the next Olympic Games 2024 with the Olympian Ángel Granda and Enrichetta Bettini among the participants and the Waszp monotype, an individual boat that navigates by foil, widely accepted worldwide where there will only be Norwegian participation.

In the ILCA 7 Olympic class, Joaquín Blanco Albalat of the RCNGC, current champion of Spain will measure forces with Leopoldo Barreto of the RCNT, silver in this year’s U21 World Cup. The participation of Joaquín Blanco Roca, just arrived from his participation in the World Master Championship, where he finished tenth in the Grand Master category, is also scheduled. At ILCA 6 Martina Reino will have Ana Montcada on the starting line, who was a partner in the pre-Olympic team of the past Olympic Games, also highlighting a Norwegian team of 9 athletes. The ILCA4 youth class will have 27 representatives from various islands of our archipelago, which shows the high level they are experiencing.

The double boat Snipe confirms the participation of the Castillo Palop Brothers, Fernando León / Antonio del Castillo-Olivares or Robert Hopkins / Patricia Guerra up to twelve registered. This class is joined by a large participation of the Nautical Gran Canaria regatta team in the Techno class, with 24 participants.

La Vela adapted to the scene

Although the Canarian Olympic Sailing Week contemplates the participation of the 2.4 mR and Hansa 303 classes with international open sailors and with different capacities representing countries such as Finland, Sweden and Great Britain, the Spanish Championship that is held in parallel, will collect a classification only for nationals.

The Hansa 303 individual class will have eleven boats on the starting line while in the doubles classification there will be seven. Here we will have maximum expectations with the participation of the current world runner-up, British Rory Mackinna. Daniel Llaca and Jaime Lang-Lenton will defend their condition as current champions of the last Spanish Cup and Carlos Rolandi his world title in open.

Jordi Cargol from CN Costa Brava / Vela Palamós and José Guerra RCNGC, athletes in the 2.4 mR monotype, will meet again after their participation in the Para World Sailing Championship in Germany. Interesting Finnish representation and the two sailors from the Also Foundation, faithful to this appointment of the Canarian Olympic Sailing Week.

From tomorrow, Saturday until December 7, the Gran Canaria coast will once again bring together a notable representation of national and international dinghy sailing. The Spanish Adapted Sailing Championship has the main support of the La Caixa Foundation through CaixaBank, while the Canarian Olympic Sailing Week is sponsored by the Insular Sports Institute of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, under the umbrella of the seal Gran Canaria European Island of Sports. The Sports Department of the Canary Islands Government and the Municipal Sports Institute of the Las Palmas de GC City Council are also part of the sponsors of this event. The Royal Spanish Sailing Federation and the Canary and Island Federations will provide technical support.

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