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The office of … Ignacio Garriga (Vox): memories of the children in the attic of the Parliament




The former Vox deputy in Congress and current leader of the formation in the Parliament of Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, shows ABC his office the Catalan camera and comments on some of the objects that decorate it. Report with photos by Inés Baucells.

Ignacio Garriga:

Ignacio Garriga

«My office in the Parliament is the center of operations for Vox’s political activity in Catalonia. From here, around the meeting table, the strategic axes to follow in our political and parliamentary activity are set. I have a notepad always ready, to capture the ideas that I read in newspapers, articles, or ideas from the reports that the advisory team sends me.

The first thing I do when I arrive is to entrust “La Moreneta” to give me strength throughout the day (he presides over my office) and read the press: a minimum of 5 newspapers where I thoroughly read articles and opinion columns on political news , social and economic.

I am struck by the fact that the staff at the entrance of the Parliament recognize that I am one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. It responds to the fact that I take the responsibility of leading the opposition in Catalonia very seriously. I assume the leadership of the national reaction in Catalonia that took place on 14-F. It is being a before and after.

I like to have on the table the books that I am currently reading. I usually intersperse three. All of them always about philosophy. Removing ourselves from all parliamentary groups and sending ourselves to the attic has allowed us to work in an environment with greater tranquility. My office, where I spend many hours, is a good place to find the peace I need to face my day-to-day political activity, make decisions and set the political course of the parliamentary group that is none other than giving a voice to silenced Catalonia and abandoned.

“Responsibility with Catalonia”

«It was a gift from my time in the Congress of Deputies. It serves to remind me of the responsibility I assumed when I decided to take the step to lead the candidacy in Catalonia: to recover Catalonia for the Catalans and for the great project that Spain has been and should be »

«La Moreneta to give me strength»

«La Moreneta, the patron saint of Catalonia, presides over my office to give me strength. I entrust myself to her so that truth, goodness and beauty guide my political activity. We have great devotion to her in my family, my grandparents got married in Montserrat, my father would go up once a month to see her and since I was little I entrusted my ‘big concerns’ to her »

“Philosophy to refute lies”

«The three books I read on philosophy, simultaneously. Now I am with ‘Green Philosophy’ to combat the lies of the new climate religion, ‘The world of Ideologies’, which analyzes the most important during the 20th and 21st centuries and ‘Thinking what hurts them the most’, where one is analyzed of the great evils: political correctness. To do my job well as a politician, I consider it key to have solid foundations to refute the lies of enemies and adversaries »

“Elegance to dignify politics”

«Place to hang the blazers. The image is important, we must dignify politics in Catalonia, many come in sneakers and T-shirts. We at VOX are elegant. And a tie with the national flag always ready for big occasions »

“Legal corner for a rebellious government”

«Legal corner to which I resort more than I would like, but we have a regional government in permanent rebellion, violating rights and freedoms. The Spanish Constitution, the regulations of the Parliament, the Statute of Autonomy and the Penal Code. I never thought that I would end up memorizing legal articles, but institutional separatism has pushed me to do so, since I have to resort to them. We are the spearhead in the legal defense of the constitutional framework in Catalonia »

«The most important thing: the family»

«Gift of my children, the main reason why I am waging the culture war. It helps me remember the most important thing: the family, led by my wife. Without them nothing makes sense and it is important to take care of it in this hectic activity that we have »

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