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The number of hospitalized for coronavirus in Valencian hospitals grows 96% in the last month




The coronavirus epidemic is out of control in the Valencian Community. All indicators are worsening and, in all probability, the region is on the verge of a new wave of infections. This is how the Department of Universal Health and Public Health defines the epidemiological situation, with a «sustained and generalized» growth of positives, which can also be seen in the healthcare pressure, since in the last month the number of hospitalized patients Covid-19 it has grown 96 percent.

According to the data offered by the Generalitat last Friday, December 3, Valencian hospitals currently have 441 people admitted because of the coronavirus, while a month ago the figure was 225 hospitalized.

Currently, the Valencian Community is in alert risk two regarding the level of spread of the virus, but it remains at low levels with respect to hospital pressure due to the effectiveness of vaccination.

[Listado de municipios de la Comunidad Valenciana en riesgo extremo de transmisión del coronavirus]

However, Health confirms that not only have all Covid-19 transmission indicators worsened, but that the level of circulation will continue to increase during the next dates in which festivals are celebrated with a large influx of people such as the Christmas and New Years Eve.

«The upward trend with a sustained and widespread growth indicate that we are facing a new epidemic wave ”, concludes the latest report from the General Sub-Directorate of Epidemiology, Health Surveillance and Environmental Sanitation, of the General Directorate of Public Health and Addictions, published last Friday in the DOGV.

In the last month, the number of people with coronavirus who are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of Valencian hospitals. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the Community is the third region in Spain with the most covid patients in ICU, just behind Catalonia and Madrid, although with respect to the occupancy rate per one hundred thousand inhabitants it is in tenth position of the entire national territory.

“A constant and widespread growth in the transmission of the virus”

The upward trend of coronavirus infections in the Valencian Community, as well as in the rest of Spain and Europe, has led the regional executive to implement the covid passport to access certain public spaces. A measure that extends over a large part of the map of the Iberian Peninsula and that serves as the main preventive measure against the disease, since at the moment there are no more restrictions planned that imply restricting capacity and hours.

Compared to last month, the cumulative incidence of the Valencian Community has multiplied by five, reaching the 266 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days. This rate, which exceeds the national average established in 248 positives, is at medium risk of spread in the new covid traffic light, which marks the high level of transmission from 300 cases and the extreme above 500.

The increase in cases also shows the escalation of the coronavirus on the eve of the Christmas holidays, since this Friday, December 3, 1,662 infections were registered in the Valencian Community, while on November 3 there were only 240. In this regard, the number of Active cases has increased in one month from 2,688 to 13,362, representing a percentage difference of 397 percent.

According to the positivity rate, according to the latest balance sheet from the Ministry of Health, the Valencian Community stands at 11.61 percent, six points above the limit established by the World Health Organization to consider the coronavirus pandemic controlled. A month ago, this figure was five percent.

More than 370 toilets discharged due to Covid-19

According to the data provided by the CESM medical union, a total of 379 toilets are on leave at the moment due to coronavirus in the Valencian Community, which is forty percent more than a week ago and 191 more than last November 11.

Likewise, another 166 professionals from the public network remain in quarantine, 15 percent more than a week ago and a growth of 46 percent compared to twenty days ago. The Ministry of Health has begun this week to vaccinate health personnel with the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.

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