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Page and Dolz inaugurate a plaque commemorating the 25th anniversary of Cuenca as a Heritage City




This Saturday has been inaugurated a plaque commemorating the 25th anniversary of Cuenca As a World Heritage City, it has been installed in the recently opened Canónigos Street, rebuilt after its partial collapse on May 12.

A plaque that has been uncovered by the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garcia-Page, and by the mayor of the city, Darío Dolz, together with the vice president of the regional government, José Luis Martínez Guijarro; the Municipal Corporation of the Cuenca City Council or the former mayor José Manuel Martínez Cenzano, the councilor who commissioned the report 25 years ago so that Cuenca could choose to be a World Heritage Site and which Page has not forgotten, highlighting it and inviting him to appear in the photo family.

Before doing so, the regional president greeted the different personalities at the Parador de Cuenca, from where he crossed the San Pablo Bridge to go to the place of the inauguration of the plaque, celebrating also being able to take that walk after the reopening of Canónigos Street and where it has been possible to photograph with a large number of tourists who have taken advantage of the Constitution Bridge to visit the capital of Cuenca.

Gastronomic tourism

And it has been a more than complete Saturday, since before all this, it was made official that the Group of World Heritage Cities of Spain will promote gastronomic tourism «Even more» in 2022 with the group’s participation in different gastronomy fairs.

This has been stated by both the outgoing president of the group, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, and the one who will be the next head of the group from January 1, Carlos García Carbayo, who have appeared before the media after the group’s assembly held this Saturday in Cuenca.

This 2021 “has been a successful year”, and it has been put on the table to promote “even more tourism policies related to gastronomy.” “We have had an excellent host in Cuenca, such as Darío Dolz, its mayor, with whom we have tasted the gastronomy of Cuenca, and that is what we want to do in the future.”

García-Page and Dolz discover the plaque for Cuenca’s 25 years as a Heritage City – ABC

In this sense, Rodriguez Osuna He has ensured that for next year the possibility of participating in different gastronomic fairs such as the 15 cities as a whole will be considered. Although a gastrotourist guide has already been published by the group, now the aim is to participate jointly in specialized gastronomy fairs «To sell what we are, cities of excellence».

“Heritage, culture, natural environments such as that of the city of Cuenca and gastronomy, the focus of the year 2022, where we are going to make more effort and the destination of experience that is what we are.”

In addition, although he has described this as a “difficult” year, he has been very “satisfied” with the work carried out. He recalled the study of the post-Covid tourism strategy that has been carried out, and that has served to “steer the direction of our municipalities and the efforts we had to make to recover tourism.”

In this sense, he was pleased that both this weekend and this bridge, the capital of Cuenca “is full in all its establishments”, at the same time that he has described as “very important” the Plan Impulsa that the Government of Spain it is going to approve to give 45 million euros to the set of heritage cities, where each town will receive 3 million euros.

The anniversary program

The program with which the Cuenca City Council is going to celebrate this 25th anniversary begins today with a concert by the Royal Film Concert Orchestra, which will perform some of the soundtracks of memorable films.

On the other hand, one of the most relevant figures of flamenco dance in Spain, María Moreno, will be the appointment of December 5; Bailaora who has been nominated three times at the Max Performing Arts Awards.

On December 6, the Caminero Quinteto musical group will offer their particular fusion of jazz and flamenco, in which they develop an original musical language also impregnated by baroque or contemporary classical music.

The performance of José Mercé will be one of the highlights of the program, a key artist in Spanish music who has taken his cante not only to the flamenco audience, but also to the pop scene. With more than 800,000 records sold, Mercé has managed to take flamenco to its maximum popularity and will demonstrate it on December 7th.

The four shows will be held at the ‘José Luis Perales’ Auditorium Theater, with tickets at a symbolic price of 10 euros, the proceeds of which will go towards improving the accessibility of the Auditorium Theater itself and its surroundings.

In addition to these performances, the program for the 25th anniversary is completed with an exhibition of one of the last works by José María Yturralde from Cuenca, 2020 National Prize for Plastic Arts. ‘Aspidiske’ (2019) can be seen at Casa Zavala on 27 December to January 31.

One of the most unique events of this celebration is added, ‘Joan Brossa did not make me’, a curious play of large-format objects without actors produced by cabosanroque, a duo of sound artists from Barcelona. Straddling the visual and performing arts, and experimental music, his work revolves around the performative capacities of objects and sound, and it can be seen between December 21 and 30 at the Church of San Andrés.

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