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Netflix: movie premieres in December 2021

December is definitely one of the most attractive months of Netflix in matters of Hot releases for the 2022 awards season. From Jane Campion’s excellent new movie until the Maggie Gyllenhaal’s debut feature, The streaming platform does not skimp on productions with critical endorsement, but it also adds its classic Christmas films and youth films.

We review the main films that arrive on Netflix in December:

The power of the dog

One of the great candidates to sweep the Oscars 2022 is the new film by New Zealander Jane Campion, who once again demonstrated his enormous talent with this adaptation of the 1967 novel by Thomas Savage. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons play Phil and George Burbank, two brothers with completely antagonistic personalities. Phil (Cumberbatch) has a more ruthless side, while George leads a much gentler life. The duo take care of the largest ranch in Montana, the scene in which Phil begins a revenge against his brother, his wife and their teenage son.

“A domineering but charismatic farmer relentlessly intimidates his brother’s new wife, until old secrets come to light,” adds Netflix on the details of the story that crosses family drama, thriller and western atmosphere. The power of the dog won the Silver Lion of the Venice Film Festival for her direction, which increases Campion’s chances of having revenge at the Oscars: in 1994 she was nominated for her work in the Piano lesson, although it finally took the golden statuette in the original screenplay category. Kirsten Dunst, Thomasin McKenzie and Frances Conroy complete the cast of this great film that has an unforgettable soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood.

The cassette of memories
The cassette of memoriesNetflix

The brand new proposal teen of the streaming platform is set in 1999, and its protagonist is Beverly Moody (Gemma Brooke Allen), a 12-year-old orphan who one day finds a broken cassette on which her late parents had recorded their all-time favorite songs. The discovery prompts Beverly to go through those classics to, somehow, learn more about those dads she needs so much.

In addition to her story, Valerie Weiss’s film focuses on what the protagonist’s grandmother, Gail (Julie Bowen), experiences. who is going through a deep mourning. The cassette of memories it also features performances by Audrey Hsieh, as Beverly’s friend; and Olga Petsa as her eccentric neighbor.

Single at Christmas
Single at ChristmasNetflix

The new Christmas film that joins the extensive list of productions of this irresistible subgenre targets an LGBTQI + audience. It all begins when Peter (Michael Urie) gets fed up with his surroundings asking him why he is single, a situation that leads him to ask his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pretend to be his boyfriend on a visit to his house. his family in New Hampshire. Being a romantic comedy, there is a twist in the narrative when the protagonist’s mother (played by Kathy Najimy) sets her son on a blind date without his approval. Far from being angry at the fact, Peter begins to question his feelings for that friend with whom you will spend a truly unique Christmas.

According to the film’s screenwriter, Chad Hodge, when Netflix called him in to work on The platform’s first gay Christmas movie, he didn’t hesitate for a second. “I wanted to create a relationship in which the main characters were uniquely gay, so that they could not be transpolated into a heterosexual story and that it works in the same way,” he said about Michael Mayer’s feature film that promises to be warm, romantic and hilarious at the same time.


Sandra Bullock returns to Netflix after starring in one of the most viewed movies in the platform’s history: Bird Box,Sussanne Bier’s successful dystopian feature film. This time around, the Oscar-winning actress plays a less empathetic character named Ruth Slater, a woman who gets out of jail after serving a murder sentence and decides to look for the sister she had to leave behind.

“Ruth reintegrates herself into society only to discover that no one around her has forgiven her,” reveals Netflix about the kickoff of this drama directed by Nora Fingscheidt, with a script by Peter Craig, Hillary Seitz and Courtenay Miles, who were based on Sally Wainwright’s British miniseries, Unforgiven. Together with the actress of A possible dream The performances of Viola Davis, Jon Bernthal and Vincent D’Onofrio stand out.

It was the hand of God
It was the hand of God

The long-awaited film by Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, which did not go through commercial theaters, premieres this month on Netflix. The self-referential feature film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, and It is set in the Naples of the 80s, when the protagonist, Fabietto Schisa (Filippo Scotti), “lives his passion for football in the midst of a family tragedy that will end up shaping his future as a filmmaker.”

The story that Sorrentino portrays is nothing less than his own, and refers to the painful episode of the death of his parents from a carbon monoxide leak, accident he survived by going to see Diego Armando Maradona play. “[Fue la mano de Dios] It is a beautiful phrase, paradoxical, because it was said by a soccer player and it refers to the only part of the body that cannot be used in soccer, it seemed like a good metaphor to me “, declared the Oscar winner for The great beauty.

Don't look up
Don’t look upNetflix

One of Netflix’s big bets to close the year is the brand new satire of the interesting director Adam McKay (The big bet, The Vice President). Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio play Kate Dibiasky and Randall Mindy, two low-key astronomers desperate to warn humanity that a deadly comet is about to collide with Earth. However, they do not meet the expected reaction. On the contrary, from high places a total disinterest in the overwhelming news is evident.

Trailer of Do not look up, the new movie by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio for Netflix

According to what was declared by its director, Don’t look up It is also an allegory about the indifference on the part of society to a fundamental topic such as climate change, and appeals to black comedy as Stanley Kubrick did to address the war conflicts in Dr. Unusual. The Oscar winners are very well accompanied in this production: Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, Chris Evans, Mark Rylance, Jonah Hill and Ariana Grande (who plays along with Kid Cudi the theme of the film that could go to the Oscar) complete the attractive cast.

The lost girl

Maggie Gyllenhaal She makes her directorial debut with this adaptation of the novel by Italian writer Elena Ferrante, which won her an award for best screenplay at the Venice Film Festival. The film shows how, on a quiet beach vacation, a woman begins to become obsessed with a young mother who is staying at the same hotel, leading her to rethink decisions about her past. “I think I have always been a director and I did not feel I had the right to admit it,” said Gyllenhaal in Venice, who also remarked that Ferrante’s work contains “secret truths about a female experience (…) something that was dangerous and exciting to try”.

The lost girl features the performances of Olivia Colman (great candidate to win the Oscar again), Jesse Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris, Paul Mescal, y Peter Sarsgaard, Gyllenhaal’s husband. “It was a huge pleasure to see my wife develop her enormous talent. For a long time people have known what an excellent actress she is, but being around her is really inspiring, “said the actor.


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