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Microteatro returned with many preventions and protocols

After going through the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, when he shut himself off from streaming, in November Microteatro Buenos Aires returned to the presence with strict sanitary protocols and a wide menu of works in small format.

It is known that one of the characteristics that distinguishes the proposal is the monthly themes, that is, a program that is completely renewed every 30 days from an open call for artists. They returned last month with #PorLaRisa, a series of works that had been truncated with the arrival of quarantine and in December they debuted with #PorSuspenso, a menu of 18 short pieces 12 to 13 minutes long which can be enjoyed alternately in the six rooms of the space, from Wednesday to Saturday.

“Given the characteristics of the room, we knew that we were going to be the first to close and the last to open. And we did it following strict protocols. The most important thing is that we shortened the duration of the works, which previously lasted 15 minutes and now last twelve or thirteen at most, so you do not reach the time of close contact with the people who are in the room. Besides, we lowered the capacity from 25 to 18 people, and there is always an assistant looking for everyone to wear a chinstrap; the temperature is taken upon admission and the room is disinfected between functions. We also have ventilation and permanent air exchange, among other measures, “he says. Julieta Novarro, founder and director of Microteatro.

“We lowered the capacity from 25 to 18 people, and there is always an assistant looking for everyone to wear a chinstrap”, says Julieta Novarro

Thus, from the opening, Microteatro comes on stage with a return especially loaded with sensations, after long months of confinement.

“On the one hand there is a lot of emotion, and, at the same time, we are accompanied by the fear of returning to a health situation that leads us to close again, with all that we have suffered economically, socially and emotionally. But we all really want to be there and you really feel that energy of wanting everything to work. We are very happy and, little by little, word of mouth starts to work ”, says Novarro.

For now, in December they present a total of 18 pieces at different times that will lower their curtains at the end of the month, and in the course of the summer there will be other themes such as #PorPlacer (in January); #PorLaMentira (in February) and #PorAmor, (in March).

In its original format, Microteatro are works of 15 minutes, for 15 spectators, in rooms of 15 square meters. A format that was born in Madrid in 2009, and then it expanded to other cities in Spain, Mexico, Lima and Miami until landing in Buenos Aires, where it opened in 2017 in the Palermo neighborhood. As of March 20, 2020, when mandatory isolation was decreed, 30 plays were being scheduled per month, with performances from Tuesday to Sunday, and on the strongest days up to 1,200 people passed through.

“It is very difficult to know when we are going to return to normality one hundred percent, we just opened and still many people do not know. The outlook depends on a context so uncertain that we do not know what may happen, but I am very happy to see that there is a positive reception of the return and we hope that by January and February we can reach the numbers of the public before the pandemic. What’s more, tonight we are opening Microteatro Córdoba, on February 1 we open Microteatro Mar del Plata and that fills us with pride. Beyond the health situation, there is a great demand for Microteatro to be in different cities with an interesting critical mass, especially in terms of actors, directors and authors. It is also a way of bringing the space closer so that local artists can join in, ”concludes Novarro.

The nursery, by Carolina Liponetzky
The nursery, by Carolina Liponetzky

CENTRAL SESSION (Wednesday to Saturday)

Chalecito in Mar de Ajó

By Belén Fernández Díaz, directed by Ariel Sandez. With Sabrina Lara, Ariel Sandez and Cecilia Tognola. Two sisters, survivors of an accident that claimed the lives of their parents, rent a villa on the coast to recover and settle their accounts permanently.

Pizza party, the future has arrived.

By Aymará Abramovich and Verónica Mc Loughlin. Direction: Leonardo Saggese. With Leandro Lombardi, Fernando Migueles. A delivery can not only deliver an order, it can also change the plans of one night or those of a lifetime. Be careful what you ask for. Suitable for ages 13 and over.

Toxic cloud

Direction and dramaturgy: Eloísa Tarruella. With Guadalupe Docampo, Tamara Garzón and Marco Gianoli. Julia has just separated from Abel, who comes to get his last things. But he does not arrive alone and an unexpected event leaves the three trapped.

The nursery

By Carolina Liponetzky. Direction: Martin Goldber. With Manuela Iseas and Marie Kantor. Would you risk trading your life with someone for a day? What if something fails? Between potus, ficus and the occasional houseplant, Merlina and Vicky face the possibility of feeling something totally different. Will they cheer up?

ER Emergency

With Juan Ignacio Fernández. Address: Jimena Del Pozo Peñalva. With Graciana Urbani, Paula Broner, Ariel Mele, Juan Zuluaga Bolívar. Edecio is unlucky enough to fall into this clinic, where the insufferable doctors on duty are added to his discomfort. That love is cruel, will be the learning that Edecio will take when he leaves this particular emergency room.

Me off

By Alberto Rojas Apel. Direction: Enrique Federman, with Néstor Caniglia and German Rodríguez.

GOLFA SESSION (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Feather hoops

By Florencia Aroldi. Direction: Norma Angeleri. With Julieta Alfonso and Graciela Clusó. Casiana and Paz meet again after years of not seeing each other on a cruise ship during the pandemic. The boat stops in the middle of the Río de la Plata. Fears will make them confess kept secrets that will make them go from a simulacrum of friendship to a trip inside themselves.

Passage of the Free

By Carolina Barbosa. Direction: Sebastián Romero. With Graciana Urbani, Ariel Chamarro In the midst of a storm, revelations bring a new direction for a couple. Suitable for ages 13 and over.


By Gastón Cerana. Direction: Marianela Pensado. With Eugenia Guerty and Jorgelina Vera. Successful Entrepreneur seeks: Young, honest, efficient operator, willing to sacrifice herself for the company … and something else. Suitable for over 16 years.

When a stranger knocks on your door

By Marcela Peidro. Direction: Melisa Freund. With Marcela Peidro and Loló Boy Arditi. A ship on the high seas. People who disappear mysteriously. Two strangers in a cabin … Suitable for people over 15 years old.

Mute phone

By Marina Carrasco. Direction: Fabián Bril. With Sol Titiunik and Fabián Bril. An unconventional marriage tries to rediscover desire through strange proposals.


Direction and Dramaturgy: Bernardo Cappa. With Cecilia Tognola, Gustavo Sacconi and Hernán Melazzi. A couple goes to the social work psychologist to save their marriage, they don’t know what awaits them. Suitable for ages 13 and over.

Dream teacher, by Miguel Kot, directed by Vilma Rodríguez, with Ana Padilla and Javier Rodríguez
Dream teacher, by Miguel Kot, directed by Vilma Rodríguez, with Ana Padilla and Javier Rodríguez

GOLFA SESSION (Thursday and Friday)

The jackal

Direction and Dramaturgy: Melisa Hermida. With Matías Labadens, Fernando Sala, Gonzalo Ruiz and Pablo Fiscarelli. Three cloistered monks, one man and the most scandalous policeman of all time.


By Celina Rozenwurcel. Direction: Sabrina Zelaschi and Celina Rozenwurcel. With Francisco Benvenuti, Federico Gelber and Victoria Baldomir Paula and Leonardo meet, after 20 years, to conclude the interrupted and fateful end of the contest “They spell incessantly”.


From Camila Maurer. Direction: Gabriel Páez. With Julián Pucheta and David Paez. Marito goes to the doctor to demand a complete exam. He is not a hypochondriac and he is sure he has not lost his mind, but something tells him that death is near.

Baby or baby?

By Julián Cortina. Direction: Fabián Carrasco. With Delfina Colombo, Julián Cortina, Hernán Melazzi. The arrival of a baby can be magical, but in this case it will be a dispute between a father and his father-in-law.

9 months and one night

Direction and Dramaturgy: Agustín Iñiguez. With Nacho Ciatti, Román Tanoni, Verónica Intile, Virginia Peroni and Ivo Schvetz. All things that break fix themselves the first time.

Teaching dream

By Miguel Kot. Direction: Vilma Rodríguez. With Ana Padilla, Javier Rodríguez, Tatiana Emede and Florencia Colace. Amalia, an experienced high school principal, tries to explain a mysterious event.

Buenos Aires Microtheater

Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 8pm, at Serrano 1139.

Tickets available in


Wednesday and Thursday, 400 pesos; Fridays and Saturdays, 450 pesos.


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