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Macron’s Elysee and his two sexual controversies

The balance of the presidency of Emmanuel Macron in terms of sexual scandals, in the Elysee Palace, it is the most modest in the history of the Fifth Republic, without possible comparison with the more than scandalous pots of the presidencies of François Mitterrand and François Hollande, among others.

In late 2019 and early 2020, Macron hoped to complete his conquest of all the strongholds of the state. Your official spokesman, a faithful among the most faithful of your Praetorian Guard, Benjamin Griveaux, was listed as the future mayor of Paris.

Griveaux, old pink socialist very pale, he was one of the architects of the victorious electoral campaign that installed Macron in the Elysee. After winning the parliamentary majority,

In the National Assembly, and with a relative majority in the Senate, Macron could hope that his candidate would win the mayor of Paris in the spring of 2020.

Benjamin Griveaux, Macron’s candidate, was listed as the sure winner of that symbolic bastion of national political power. Until the night from February 13 to 14 of that year, two sex videos of the president’s spokesman appeared on the internet, recorded in his personal office at the Elysee.

Griveaux, married to a famous lawyer, had a relationship with a young lady, Alexandra de Taddeo, with whom he exchanged sexual videos, abandoning himself to the most intimate and lonely pleasures in his official office, adjoining the office of the head of state. Griveaux could not deny the evidence of his mountain body, his sagging pants, recording the ecstasies he sent to his lover.

From Eugenia de Montijo, from Granada, wife of Napoleon III, to François Mitterrand, the Elysee had known many other such scandals. But, for the first time, an official dispatch appeared on social networks, as the scene of onanistic practices of the official spokesman for the President of the Republic. Griveaux resigned on the fly. Macron buried the scandal and resigned himself to the loss of the Paris mayor’s office.

Danielle Mitterrand, the wife of the socialist president, and Anne Pingeot, his most stable lover, contemplate the president’s coffin in 1996. Also pictured are his son Jean-Christophe and his daughter Mazarine, in black – ABC file

Assault on a soldier

A year later, the Justice has begun to investigate a case of sexual violence of an officer of the private staff of President Macron accused by a soldier of “harassment” and “carnal violence.” Is about an exceptional case, unprecedented, in the legendary history of sexual passions that had the official residence of the head of state as a historical setting.

According to the agency France Presse and the morning newspaper ‘Libération’ (independent left), a soldier would have reported to a superior, an officer or non-commissioned officer, according to the sources, who would have “harassed” or subjected her to “sexual violence” in the official premises of the president’s private staff. According to the same sources, the harassment would have occurred on July 1, after a farewell party for three collaborators of the Head of State.

President Macron delivered an official speech that afternoon. His team and several members of his private staff held a friendly meeting, between drinks, snacks and jokes. After the party, a soldier affirms that an officer or non-commissioned officer, with whom she had been working daily for years, “dragged” her to a unit of the soldiers and those responsible for the security of the head of State, beginning a “harassment” “session”, “Massages” and “attempted rape.”

Without going into an express assessment of the accusations, an official Elysee source has made this statement: “The judicial matters under investigation are never discussed. From the moment that certain complaints were heard, the facts were posted in the knowledge of the authorities, immediately taking the pertinent decisions: listening, support and accompaniment of the victim, immediate involvement of the accused person away from the Elysee ».

‘Peccata minuta’, no doubt. The president is not responsible for the sexual violence of the soldiers and officers of his private staff. Voucher. The symbol remains. The martial dependencies of the Presidency of the Republic turned into stable of the worst vexatious species. Comparatively, these are two relatively minor scandals.

Macron’s predecessor at the Elysee, Francois Hollande, he settled in the presidential palace accompanied by his lover, Valerie Trierweiler, named Ségolène Royal, his first wife and mother of his children, Minister of the Environment, and betrayed them both with a new lover, Julie Pretty, in two short years.

For years, the couple that formed Hollande and Royal was the great reformist hope of French socialism: both aspired to the presidency of the Republic. Nicolas Sarkozy beat Royal in the presidential elections of 2007; and that catastrophe was accompanied by an intimate tragedy: the old female hope of French socialism was betrayed by the father of her children, François Hollande, who then made public his relationship with Trierweiler.

Hollande was the first president of the Fifth Republic to settle on the Elysee accompanied by his lover. Faithful, in a way, Hollande wasted no time in appointing his former Environment Minister. In this way, Hollande shared the bed with the mistress and the council of ministers with the mother of his children. Until it was discovered that the president fled the Elysee, on a motorcycle, several nights a week, to meet in a nearby bed with his new girlfriend, Julie Gayet.

Hollande’s vaudeville ended with a political catastrophe. His resignation to reelection, become the most unpopular president of the Fifth Republic.

Hollande divorced his wife, the socialist Ségolène Royal, and began a relationship with the journalist Valérie Trierweiler.  Installed with her in the Elysee, he ended up cheating on her with the actress Julie Gayet
Hollande divorced his wife, the socialist Ségolène Royal, and began a relationship with the journalist Valérie Trierweiler. Installed with her in the Elysee, he ended up cheating on her with the actress Julie Gayet – Reuters

Bruni’s arrival

Nicolas Sarkozy, Hollande’s predecessor as president, had turned the Elysee into the scene of very violent passions.

On the eve of his successful election, Sarkozy experienced two parallel dramas. One of his great rivals, Dominique de Villepin, former prime minister, had leaked to the press the loves of Cecilia Ciganer Albeniz Sarkozy, great-granddaughter of Isaac Albéniz, glory of Spanish music, with a clever publicity worker who worked for Sarkozy, who began by forgiving, swallowing and accepting.

Seduced by the presidential palaces, Cecilia agreed to return to the fold and enter the Elysee with Sarkozy. But the reconciliation did not last long. They ended up discovering the president’s affairs with a conservative journalist who covered the comings and goings of the Elysee for years. The couple formed by Sarkozy and Cecilia ended up accepting the breakup. And the savvy publicity that had led Mitterrand’s presidential campaign many years earlier, led to the president’s meeting with Carla Bruni.

Sarkozy was married to Cecilia Ciganer Albeniz, but a succession of infidelities ended the marriage.  Soon after, he met Carla Bruni, the woman with whom he still shares his life.  In the picture, both during a holiday in Egypt in 2007
Sarkozy was married to Cecilia Ciganer Albeniz, but a succession of infidelities ended the marriage. Soon after, he met Carla Bruni, the woman with whom he still shares his life. In the picture, both during a holiday in Egypt in 2007 – ABC file

The acting president lost his temper. And he got to photograph himself, in jeans, carrying Carla Bruni’s son with a previous love on his shoulders. Love ended up triumphing. And Sarkozy found in Carla the great love of his life. Until today.

Sarkozy’s predecessor on the Elysee, Jacques Chirac, he was an inveterate womanizer. His wife and his drivers told countless adventures. The wife came to study divorce. But he ended up accepting and shutting up. One of Chirac’s drivers has described in detail the chronometric rigor of the president’s love dates. Chirac preferred to visit girlfriends, friends and lovers outside the Elysee. But it had to be brought and brought by an official chauffeur. It is legend that Chirac said to the driver: «Leave me at ten at night. And you come back to look for me 40 minutes later… ». Well. 40 minutes of loving effusions can go a long way or a little, depending on the sensitivity of each one. Among the rosary of smug or royal lovers, one stands out conspicuously. It was said and went on to write in a landmark biography that Chirac was romantically involved with Claudia Cardinale. There is nothing.

If Chirac was a traditional and traditionalist president, even in the land of scandals, his predecessor at the Elysee, François Mitterrand, was the most ‘disruptive’ presidentby far in the history of the Fifth Republic.

Mitterrand seized power by promising a “break with capitalism” and the “construction of French socialism.” Capitalism emerged intact from the Mitterrand experience. And socialism is still waiting for its time. On the contrary, Mitterrand marked a historic milestone in the matter of sex scandals. He settled on the Elysee with his wife and official family. And installed in an adjoining palace his most famous lover, Anne Pingeot, and his daughter, Mazarine Marie Mitterrand Pingeot. Tending to both families did not prevent Mitterrand from welcoming other casual young lovers to the Elysee and elsewhere.

Exceptional detail, Danielle Gouze, Mitterrand’s official wife, and their three children, lived on the Elysee, never meeting Anne Pingeot and her daughter for fourteen years, who only got to know each other personally on the day of the President’s funeral, at the foot of his grave.

Between Charles de Gaulle and Mitterrand, the Elysee was occupied by two other presidents, Georges Pompidou and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. They too were involved in scandals, but with modest sexual implications, directly at the Elysee.

A french tradition

On the contrary, the historians of the presidential palace have always insisted on many pink, passion or bonbon chapters, with carnal affairs of very different tones, during two short centuries.

One of the most legendary stories is perhaps the death of the president Felix Faure (1841 – 1895), accompanied in bed with the most famous of his lovers, Marguerite Steinheil. The first version of death spoke of stroke: “More or less complete suspension, and usually sudden, of some brain functions, due to hemorrhage, obstruction or compression of an artery of the brain.” The legendary version, much more real, according to historians, is that Faure died when his lover gave him a fellatio.

In all the stories of the Elysee, political, diplomatic and sexual, an illustrious Grenadian has a place of honor, Eugenia de Montijo, the last empress of France, wife of Napoleon III, inveterate womanizer.The imperial couple had an eminent position in the modernization of France, the invention of tourism (in Biarritz) and the modernization of Paris, through the works of Baron Haussmann.

The romantic disagreements of the couple and the betrayals of Napoleon III also have a significant place in the history of the Elysee. François Hollande left the presidential palace on a motorcycle to race in search of his last lover in Paris. More aristocratic, Napoleon III had built a special tunnel to be able to leave the Elysee on foot when he left the marriage bed to run to the bed of a lover. It is a legend that part of that tunnel, in another loving time, is today the bunker from where the incumbent president follows the maneuvers and operations of the national fleet of nuclear attack submarines. Live to see.


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