January 22, 2022 5:11 pm

License to spread



The use of panic as a method of control of the reptilian brain is causing a spectacular collapse of rationality. And it is inevitable that this will happen; because the peoples that lack a supernatural horizon that serves as a drain on their fears end up trapped in a prison of uncontrollable panic, which, while acting as the most powerful solvent of community ties, completely ruins logical thinking and pays for the most outlandish superstitions.

The tragic reptilian brain has been mad to believe that since experimental gene therapies do not immunize, inoculation should be required of those who have resisted inoculation, in the magical belief that when the entire population is inoculated,

experimental gene therapies will finally immunize, as if by birlibirloque. It is a delusional ideation (of a paranoid type) that, however, has managed to embed itself in the reptilian brain of the swallowing population, spurred on by unscrupulous politicians and by the cockatoos and parrots that monopolize the mass cretinization media. Even the Supreme Court has evacuated a completely unhinged sentence, authorizing the so-called Covid passport, in which various tragative nonsense are read without feet or head.

The sentence of yore authorizes the imposition of this passport, which of course seriously violates freedom of movement and data protection. But these violations seem trivial to us (one more outrage among the many that we are suffering) and even desirable, since they will contribute to increasing distrust of institutions, accelerating the systemic collapse. However, the joy that systemic discredit brings us should not blind us. Well, the imposition of the Covid passport will not serve to prevent the spread of the virus, but exactly the opposite. It is a safe-conduct that will allow people inoculated and later infected with coronavirus to more easily come into contact with others not yet infected, whom they can infect (on purpose or inadvertently), especially if their immune system has been previously damaged or weakened .

The so-called Covid passport is, in short, a license to infect mansalva, which by providing a false sense of security to those who carry it will turn restaurants and leisure centers into coronavirus conclaves. Only the use of panic as a method of controlling the reptilian brain explains why hoteliers do not rebel against a measure that unwittingly turns them into spreaders of the virus. However, wherever this license to infect is imposed, the few people who have not yet resigned from logical thinking will tend to avoid restaurants and leisure centers. In this way, apart from not contributing to the psychopathic stigmatization of their countrymen, they will protect their health and contribute to the common good, preventing the spread of the virus.

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