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Latest society news for today Saturday, December 4



The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all readers. All the news of Saturday, December 4 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

A report by Fernando Simón says that “evidence increases” that Ómicron “escapes immunity from the vaccine”

The Ministry of Health has warned that «increases the evidence“That the omicron variant of COVID-19” escapes the immune response caused by previous variants and by vaccines. “

Basque Country will ask to extend the Covid passport to hospitals, residences and gyms

It has cost two court sentences and the declaration of a health emergency but finally the Basque Government has managed to launch the Covid passport. From this Saturday the Basques They will have to show this document to access restaurants with capacity for more than 50 people and nightlife venues.

In addition, the Executive of Urkullu will request judicial authorization for extend it to other activities in the coming days.

The incidence rises 14 points in one day and already stands at 248 cases

Covid-19 infections continue to escalate. The Ministry of Health has notified this Friday 13,738 new cases of coronavirus and 37 deaths. The fourteen-day incidence has also risen 14 points and is already in the 248 cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants.

Coronavirus: The arrival of Ómicron threatens the Christmas of the recovery

The Christmas dinners that many companies organize every year are in danger. The evolution of the pandemic, with infections on the rise for weeks and the appearance of the Omicron variant, have led many companies to consider whether they can cancel the Christmas lunch or dinner they offer for their workers or, as another option, ex direct that they undergo PCR testing or antigen testing to go. In recent days, with the Christmas holidays closer and closer, inquiries on this issue are arriving almost daily, explains Verónica Sierra, a labor lawyer at the Casadeley law firm.

The Community of Madrid confirms a fourth positive for omicron, the first of reinfection

The Community of Madrid has confirmed this Friday the fourth positive case of contagion by the omicron variant of Covid-19 in the region, the first due to reinfection.

Armengol allocates 240,000 euros from the budgets to “stays and overnight stays” for the promotion of Catalan

The Balearic Government led by the socialist Francina Armengol foresees in the 2022 budgets a hefty item of 3.4 million euros for “the promotion and normalization of the Catalan language.” The Department of European University and Culture Funds, through the General Directorate of Language Policy, has increased the amount of the latter department for policies and actions aimed at applying monolingualism in the Balearic Islands by 13.4%.

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