January 24, 2022 1:14 pm

How was Nicki Nicole’s debut in the Great Rex

Two years and fifteen days ago, Nicki Nicole gave the first show of her life. It was planted on a smaller stage of the Cordovan festival La Nueva Generación and the concrete and iron dome was overflowing with people and initiatory hits. Now and over the weekend he will complete a trilogy of sold-out recitals at the Gran Rex Theater. This is the career of a pop star.

Because Nicki Nicole may have rapped, she may have been and perceived herself as part of the Argentine urban music scene, but her essence, her charisma, her staging and the sound synthesis (“Baby” as a complete example) are those of a pop star. A pop star who in this year, his definitive takeoff year, went through Jimmy Fallon’s late night and through the Tiny Desk of NPR, the United States public radio. As the posters placed on the Rex seats said for the public to lift them up at the end of the show: From Rosario to dreams.

“Colocao” and “Mala vida” began the show, lasting just over an hour, in which Nicki Nicole, accompanied by a band and a court of impeccable dancers, walked through a large part of her repertoire with the celebration of his present as a leitmotif. Right from the start, he made it clear that interaction with his audience was the way to show that celebration. For “Plegarias”, he brought up a fan who had carried a poster asking him to sing with her. And charismatic leaders deliver.

From the strictly sound, Nicki Nicole distributed some ballads on the list of songs (the aforementioned “Prayers” and “Part of me”) as if they were milestones united by sounds of all kinds. Reggae on “Verte”, reggaeton on “No toque mi Naik”, even a cumbia (“She is not yours”) whose reaction from the public surprised her. “I can’t believe they know it,” he said between laughter and excitement. He also rubbed shoulders with tango when the band got smaller (in space, not in the number of members) and two pairs of dancers followed each other on stage for “Perdido”.

Towards the end, the arsenal of hits was infallible. “I have to” marked the beginning of the last stage and Duki joined for “YaMeFui” in which he marked the peak of shouting of the night. “Years light”, accompanied by guitar alone, was the complete proof of the songwriting gene that inhabits Rosario’s songs, “Mamichula” had Trueno as an obvious and celebrated guest and the final closing was with “Dangerous” and “Wapo traketero”. “It’s the last song but it was once the first,” said Nicki Nicole before giving rise to that hit that made her famous but to which she knew how to add a corpus of songs that would not condemn her to being a one hit wonder.

After the show ended, with lights, musicians, dancers and confetti, Nicki Nicole seemed not to want to leave the stage and lengthened her farewell speech as long as she could. “I am 20 years old and I learn from you every day,” he said. In two years and fifteen days, Nicki Nicole seems to have learned too much.


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