January 22, 2022 5:58 pm

Forty-year-olds: the famous ones for whom time does not pass

They are around the quarantine or pass it by, but it does not matter: you see them in current photos and you cannot believe that they have already reached that age. The thing that “forty is the new thirty” has become outdated: forty is the new adolescence. Rejuvenating looks, an enviable physical shape and flawless skin. These are our 40-year-olds. Alessandra Ambrosio The Brazilian supermodel has turned 40 chestnuts last April and we see her there, with a plaid shirt, ripped jeans, sports shoes and even what could pass for the school folder. That day you are late to school because you stayed up late studying for the Literature exam. – Lagencia-Crush Eva Longoria In pristine white, but with a laid-back look that includes sneakers and a T-shirt, Eva (46) could be the popular classmate who always gives you a little style lesson to go out on Sundays at the mall. Do you have to get ready for the weekend? Eva gives you a hand. – Lagencia-Crush Jennifer Garner In her forties by the hair, because Jennifer turns 50 in 2022. Who would know! In this photo she has all the earmarks of being the student who gets ten in the Physical Education exams and looks at you smugly. Let’s look again: does anyone really believe that this body is half a century old? When they do the endurance test and you arrive first in your class. – Lagencia-Crush Kristen Bell Kristen (41), with that cap, the sweatpants and the bag, could perfectly be the pimp friend but a good person who suspends until recess, but who is at your door to encourage you if Your newly inaugurated ex-boyfriend has broken your heart. Kristen will always be there to support you. Of course, do not ask him to explain the equations of the second degree. – Lagencia-Crush Natalie Portman The girl from León the professional is already 40 years old and you have to look at the photo several times to believe that it is not taken from when she shot that movie at 13. T-shirt, leggings and an enviable skin, Natalie gives the I am a nerd friend who is always asked for her license at the disco to see what can happen (will they continue to ask for it?). No, it’s not your neighbor’s daughter. It is a 40-year-old lady walking her dog. – Lagencia-Crush Elsa Pataky 45-year-old lady or adolescent on the end-of-term trip? Place your bets. Because the 40-year-old among the 40-year-olds is Elsa Pataky, also known as Mrs. Thor. Our Elsa we do not know how she will do it, but she is preserved as if she were still deciding whether to Baccalaureate of Letters or Science. Envy! The typical little photo that you take with your best friend forever to remember the trip of 1º of Baccalaureate. – Networks


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