January 20, 2022 4:48 pm

Filteradicts: all the famous ones obsessed with pretending what they are not

Since filters became popular on Instagram (first in the defunct Snapchat), there are a few celebrities who use and abuse them. There is everything: from the filter to be silly to wanting to beautify yourself in the extreme (spoiler: it goes wrong). Here are some examples. Ariana Grande: double vision The interpreter of Thank U, Next is as fond of filters as Kim Kardashian. And no, we are not saying it at random: it is that both can say that they have kissed Pete Davidson. Except that, although the Kardashian puts cascoporro filters for each photo, in the case of the singer it is more to do the chorra: Two pairs of eyes with the irises exchanged. The grima is maximum. – Gwen Stefani Networks: two-dimensional Gwen has turned 52 suits this year and is as she wants. But girl, if you’ve already had one of those makeup sessions that your father doesn’t recognize you with, don’t put filters on yourself until your face is flat. That moment when Gwen could be anyone. Also a comic book character. – Redes Jennifer Ojazos Lopez Jennifer is one of the great addicts to instagram filters. So much so that it is common to see some other virtual disguise in your account, such as the one on the cover. But when you plant XL eyes in a video it shows. Is too much visible. Jennifer, girl, you look like the protagonist of an anime series. – Kylie Nets and her bulging eyes Her covermate, Kylie Jenner, also pulls little animals from time to time. The bad thing is when you put the filter to clarify the iris of the eye: when you move, the iris comes out through the upper eyelid and the cringe is infinite. Oh, that flash of the pupil that goes through the eyelashes and moves to the eyelid. Yuck. – Redes Kendall and the weird flash Kendall, her sister, is into the mystical-mysterious thing. Like, for example, with this filter of a flash of hyperintense light in the eyes that spills through part of the hair in the same shade? The flag of Spain when it has been hanging on the balcony for a long time and has lost its color. – Networks Why, Paula? Paula Echevarría is a very beautiful woman. So much so that we do not understand why the face is flattened in a video with a rather sharp filter. Where are the facial features? – Networks Jaime Lorente also signs up Jaime Lorente (or El Chaval, as he calls himself now) has also succumbed on occasion to filters. We don’t quite understand this one with little more fires in the pupils, but hey, we have seen stranger things! Innocent freckled, but not much. – Networks


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