January 25, 2022 6:15 pm

Do you recognize this label? Your clue can help the Police solve a serious crime in Madrid




It is not usual for
National Police
ask for citizen collaboration on extremely serious matters. However, it is vitally important that, if someone recognizes this label, on which the name of the business can be read ‘Super Bazaar’ (fairly generic) and a price (1,80), notify the authorities immediately.

The researchers point out that it is a trade in the Community of Madrid and, without specifying what event it is, they say that “this information could be key in the investigation of a serious crime”

Without wanting to provide more data, the logic suggests that it can refer to a case of crime against people, among which we can speak of a murder, a sexual assault or serious injuries.

Some information has already been received in this regard but it is necessary to continue with this request for citizen collaboration.

Therefore, if you know of any business or shops that use these labels, please contact by e-mail [email protected]

Also retweet the post linked above, to achieve a greater diffusion. Security is also a matter for all citizens.

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