January 21, 2022 5:42 pm

Yolanda, I do believe you



So simple and so forceful. I do believe Yolanda. I have no reason not to believe a minister and vice president of the Government of Spain. It is true that with the conviction in the veracity of his affirmations my faith in the rest of the government falters, but I have emerged from worse crisis of conscience.

I am saying it with a seriousness worthy of the most solemn occasions. It is almost a profession of faith, even if it is the beginning of a personal ideological crisis. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s a philosophical baptismal certificate or, look where, a misprints. What do I know … what am I going to know, miserable me.

Hearing from Yolanda Díaz that the Government of Spain knew, long before it said it knew, how much it knew about what it knew, leaves me speechless and speechless.

Blindfold as well as convinced that I shouldn’t trust even my shadow, even though I’m trusting Yolanda. It is that I am a slow one. Or maybe not.

Of course, in the face of such a serious, forceful and terrible statement, I move between stupor and the conviction that there were many of us who were always right, despite the fact that we were treated as idiots, when not vilified and harassed in networks. Insulted left and right, there was here for everyone.

How can I not believe in the Vice President if she is the leader of that new left, another, a new one, another new one, making her way to the left of the Socialist Party. How can I not believe the minister if I have been convinced that it is the most reliable Spanish policy, the most emerging and the one that offers the electorate the most confidence. The most of the most. The most political of the most political. So I believe what he tells me because the guide and light of the future Spanish left tells me.

What humps me from all this is that, in the middle of all this swamp, there is the manifestation of the Women’s Day which was held a few days before with the declaration of the State of Alarm we were officially in full swing pandemic. Not before. Before we were not in a pandemic, we were partying. Or it was we were not dead, we were partying. I don’t know, I don’t remember because afterwards I spent months counting deaths, up to 100,000 and I already got involved with these things.

Anyway, I was in that March 8 demonstration, like so many times, like so many months in March throughout my life. A little scared, I do not deny it, because I had received the texts of the guide that Yolanda Díaz had presented to put herself on guard against the COVID. A sensible measure that the minister took on March 4. But of course who was going to say that she was not an exaggeration, an alarmist and a defeatist. Well actually they did. And they said it to her face with a zasca that forced her, if not to rectify, at least to eat the pages of the guide one by one.

In the words of Yolanda Díaz, I quote verbatim, “I remember well that Pablo (Iglesias) was vice president and I called him devastated by what was happening. On February 15, as the pandemic hit Italy strongly, I summoned my team because I was convinced that Spain it is Italy and we needed to deploy a lot of measures because we saw what was going to happen. So much so that on March 4 I presented a highly controversial guide in the Government, and also outside I was accused of being an alarmist. This was in the run-up to 8M ».

I say no more. I question her subsequent swallowing, because I can’t quite understand how, after they told her what she said they told her in the bosom of the Minister council, did not resign immediately. For sheer consistency, for dignity. But no, she continued in her position until she became vice president of the nation’s government.

I also question the timeliness of your statements on this occasion. I only explain them to myself in the framework of a future, and near, electoral horizon, and in the need to stand out. From leaving the frame, we are going, if not from the photo, of his government colleagues to show himself as the smartest, smartest and most effective of all the people who sit at the Council table. This, in many cultures, would be considered a full-fledged betrayal of the president of the government, at the time Pedro Sánchez. If she did not resign then, I do not know how now the president does not dismiss her for leaving her ass in the air, having said this with forgiveness and with all due respect. Once again I consider the need to choose well your travel companions beyond the utilitarianism of immediacy.

Of course I question the subsequent explanations and the words of the hours after such serious demonstrations. When something has to be explained so many times, something was done wrong from the beginning. If the minister backs down, lets go, my faith falters again. It has not taken me long to overcome my crisis of conscience. I remain firm in my beliefs. Better this way.

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