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Today’s horoscope Saturday, December 4: daily prediction of your zodiac sign



Discover the prediction of today’s horoscope Saturday, December 4 of your zodiac sign. Anticipate and discover what the stars are preparing for you today. How will your work go? Any surprises in love or will everything remain unchanged? And money … will my position change? Is it a good time to play EuroMillions? Find out if luck is on your side Zodiac sign or if, on the contrary, it is better not to gamble and be diligent. Apparently, today something complicated may come for some signs. But do not panic, astral movements are always generous and also give rise to favorable winds to make those decisions that many of us have pending for a long time.


Don’t get overwhelmed at work Aries, you need confidence in yourself and your abilities. You can have some discussion with one of your bosses, try to keep the type. You can receive by surprise an extra income that you did not expect. You have spent without control, do not fall into consumerism and plan your purchases well. You will have a good relationship with the natives of the Pisces and Scorpio signs. Be careful not to lose anything, you are somewhat distracted on this day. Take advantage of the free time to visit relatives, you will give them a joy. In love, follow the impulses of your heart and ignore criticism, you will be right. Do not neglect complicated situations, it would weigh you down later, look for solutions. Your health is fine, but your nerves can betray you, calm down and take a break. You will have a headache and it will be due to stress, do not self-medicate and try to relax.


Would you like to quit your job Taurus, but you have to continue, this is not the time for changes. Do not show any disagreement to your bosses, be calm, you will have a chance. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you do something for the first time, no one is born knowing. Maybe you meet someone you have not seen in a long time and you will be happy. In love, you will have good times with your partner or with the people who love you the most. Make a space to go out, you will have a great time and you will meet interesting people. Do not think about things from the past and cheer up, enjoy what you have now. You feel strong and excited again, you can achieve many things. Try to cheer yourself up no matter what, so your streak will change sooner. You are fine, but be careful what you do, try to be aware. Your body needs to rest from your frenetic pace, try to stop a bit, your health will appreciate it.


Colleagues will help you in a setback that you will have at work,Gemini. Listen to your hunches and you will discover the best way to increase your income. You could get a new job even if you are not looking for it, think about it. You will have to undertake some unpleasant but necessary task. You will connect more with your inner side and you will be able to discover what you really want. If you avoid arguments, you will do very well, you just need a little self-control in love. You will have a conversation or special moment with someone from your family. You have to take better care of yourself, even if you feel well, and rest as necessary. You could try some relaxation technique, it can improve your quality of life. You have to take your downtime seriously, your health actually needs it. You must be careful not to have arguments, avoid them by all means.


Cancer, now at work new doors will open for you, do not underestimate any. Labor, they will not properly appreciate your effort, be patient. Gambling will not benefit you at all this day, do not risk it. They can take advantage of a mistake of yours to harm you, stay alert. If you have a partner, on this day you will be positively surprised in some way. If you express your feelings a little more, you will do better in love. Make it clear to others what you want and what you don’t, and they will understand you. Do not get carried away by stress and solve your problems with peace of mind. You are well and emotionally balanced, you will have peace of mind. Spend more time on yourself and your hobbies, then you will feel much better. With your good health, you will have a lot of physical energy, you will not want to stop for a second this day.


They will offer you new work projects, Leo, analyze them well before deciding. Some envies will arise in your work environment, do not enter into gossip. Your work initiatives will be very well received, so expose them without fear. In love, if you do not have a partner, look in your close environment, there is someone with interest. If you take the initiative in the sentimental subjects you will be phenomenal, go for it. If you are studying, do not neglect now, it will matter what you do. You will feel sociable and you will communicate very well with the people around you. You are concerned about the mood of someone close, but you can support them. At home you will have peace and quiet, the atmosphere will be quite relaxed. Do not commit excesses that can take their toll later, take care of your health. You will want to change your daily routine and that is something that always comes in handy.


At work, Virgo, do not follow anyone’s game, go on your own, it will be better for you. You will spend less than expected and you will be able to save a little, anticipating for the future. Beware of traps, read the fine print well if you sign a contract. Try to avoid gossip and do not participate in criticism. In love, this day you will realize the feelings of someone you know and ignore. You will be very cautious and that attitude will be beneficial for you at this time. You are going through a small emotional crisis, but soon other times will come. Your tasks will be a way for you to forget about other problems. In health, you are fine, but you could be better if you did relaxation exercises. Do not neglect your back, perform the appropriate exercises to maintain it. You will relax and enjoy your free time, you will have a good time on this day.


Be careful Libra, you can see yourself in a compromised work situation, do not take sides. You will be successful at work if you are prudent, do not allow yourself to be manipulated with false promises. Do not lend money to someone who is not absolutely trustworthy, you would not get it back. Act with a cool head in work matters, be calm and you will do very well. A friend needs your help, but you don’t have to go overboard. You will have a good relationship with your family and with your partner too, if you have. In love, you will allow yourself to give some advice to someone with less experience than you. You will be very well and in a good mood, keep it up, you will see how everything goes better. For your good health, take good care of your diet and take vitamins, you will replenish your energy. You will be very well and in a good mood, you will see how everything goes better. You are leading a quiet and contemplative life that will benefit you a lot.


You will do well with business and you will gradually overcome all difficulties, Scorpio. It is possible that you spend more than what you enter and you already know that this is not convenient. You will be quite lucky at work, you will consolidate what you had achieved. If you are looking for a partner, you may find someone similar to you today. In love, the sooner you face problems that arise, the better you will fix them. Today you will confirm the affection that your partner and the members of your family have for you. If you do not have a partner, you will find yourself in a different situation, which will force you to make quick decisions. You may feel with some nostalgia and melancholy, although your health will be fine and you will be encouraged. You are feeling fine, but somewhat nervous and unstable, try a natural relaxant. You feel very good, with joy and vitality, enjoy this day very much. You are in a good time to dare with some changes, do not be afraid.


Sagittarius, you will have some differences of opinion with your superiors, control yourself. Avoid anxiety at work, if you need help, don’t be ashamed to ask for it. You could make a very profitable long-term investment that will interest you. You will receive some unexpected money, you will be able to pay off some outstanding debts. Today you will have pleasant family news, such as an upcoming birth or wedding. Think things over before saying them if you don’t want problems, you can hurt. Your loved ones are not just a burden, spend more time with them, listen to them. In love, you will see your schedule full of appointments, it will be a fun day. Try to do the activities that you really like and that way you will feel good. You have a good time for your physical and spiritual development, take advantage of it. You feel hypersensitive and irritable, try to relax for your own health and well-being.


A close person will try to hinder your work Capricorn, Keep alert. Wait a bit before embarking on an inexpensive investment adventure. Today luck will bring you unexpected benefits, but do not trust yourself. You will arouse the interest of someone you have liked for a long time, do not be shy. From now on you will have more selectivity with your friends and it will be better for you. In love, you are going to start a new stage in your sentimental relationship, much more solid. You must clarify your feelings, you cannot be playing two bands. If you’re feeling down, stay optimistic, any bad day has it. As much as you get angry, think things through and you will see other perspectives. You have low defenses, you should take vitamins, consult your doctor. Focus your mind on what you are doing with your health, distractions are not good.


Aquarium, some of the economic problems that you have been dragging will be solved. You will have to do very annoying but necessary bureaucratic procedures. You cannot pretend that others follow your rhythm at work, you are unstoppable. You feel good and want to expand your work and social horizons. Your sympathy will be contagious and you will be the center of attention in meetings. If you start a love relationship, do not idealize that person, you will avoid disappointment. Ignore rumors and your relationship will go very well, obstacles will be overcome. You will have good health, but spend more time taking care of yourself, you are going through everything. You must take care of your posture when sleeping and when you sit down, your back is suffering. Avoid humidity and temperature changes, they affect your throat. Your defenses are lowered and that makes you feel bad, take a supplement.


Try to take your daily responsibilities more calmly and without stress, Pisces. These are moments of savings, so that in the future you can face any situation. Your current account is shaking with so much spending, plan the economy well. You are going to spend a lot of time sorting your papers, which you need. In love, there is a close person who is very interested in knowing your feelings. You are going to feel puzzled by the attitude of your partner, do not let him continue. Learn to reconcile work and family or someone will catch your eye. You should always try to be nice to the people you work with. You have to propose to exercise every morning, even if you feel lazy. Fortunately, you will not have many tasks, you feel that you cannot take it anymore, although your health is fine. In the event of any eye discomfort, stop forcing it and go to the ophthalmologist.

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