January 18, 2022 10:44 pm

This is the very expensive treat that Miguel Bernardeau has given himself for Christmas



It is not a watch, it is not a new mobile, it is not a powerful laptop of the brand of the bitten apple, what goes. After months of effort and hard work in which he had time to close the season of ‘Elite’, to play Iñaki in the series ‘Everything else’ directed by Abril Zamora, and to finalize his work in a couple of series that have not yet been broadcast as they are ‘1899’ and ‘Black Beach’, Miguel can say that he is on the crest of the wave and has worked very hard during this year 2021.

So much so that the actor has decided to treat himself to one of the most iconic and coveted electric cars on the market.

It is neither more nor less a Tesla model 3 highly equipped and valued at about 80.000 euros

A red Tesla Model 3. We die of envy, Miguel – Lagencia-Crush

An ecological car, with autonomous driving and a range of more than 500 kilometers that will undoubtedly attract attention wherever it goes and not only because it carries Aitana Ocana sitting in the passenger seat.

When I see them on the road, a little sigh escapes me
When I see them on the road, a little sigh escapes me – Tesla

The car in question accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.1 seconds, much more than the most powerful Ferrari you can buy.

All touch.  Not a button at hand
All touch. Not a button at hand – Tesla

Its white leather interior, minimalist, has a large touch screen with which to control all the parameters of the car and attentive because Tesla is famous for incorporating an ‘easter egg’ function to its cars: an automatic fart launcher. Yes, as you hear it, a way in which anyone who gets in the car and sits down will seem like they’ve thrown a loud fart and the best thing is that you can configure the type of flatulence that you want to be heard. Has he already played the joke on Aitana? Oh, we want to think so.

But what does Miguel use this very expensive car for?

We have pixelated the coffee brand, which is not a plan to make a free promo
We have pixelated the coffee brand, which is not a plan to make a free promo – Lagencia-Crush

This is where we are going to humanize the character. So much car, so much action, so much glamor… to go buy coffee! We imagine the scene: Miguel gets up early with Aitana, they go to the kitchen to prepare a hot coffee with which to start the day, and there is nothing left !, so neither short nor lazy, the son of Ana DuatoHe puts on the first thing he catches and goes to buy Chinese coffee in his brand-new Tesla. Is it or is it not a fantasy to go in a tracksuit for coffee in a Tesla?

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