January 21, 2022 6:22 pm

The Prosecutor’s Office asks the sculptor who painted “For Freedom” on Franco’s tomb for a year in prison




A man who on October 31, 2018 painted on the grave of dictator Francisco Franco in the Valley of the Fallen faces a sentence of one year in prison and the payment of compensation of 833.41 euros to the National Heritage of the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial “for the damages caused”. It will be judged as of December 10 by the First Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid.

In the letter from the Public Ministry, to which ABC has had access, it is stated that at three in the afternoon of that day the accused, the accused Enrique Tenreiro, entered the temple of Cuelgamuros “Hiding in his clothes a plastic bottle with red paint and a paintbrush”

He went to the back of the main altar, where Franco’s tomb still stood at the time and, “With evident contempt for the religious sentiments of those present and taking refuge in their socio-political conception of society”With red paint and a brush, he wrote: “For freedom” and drew a dove.

The event occurred, recalls the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, took place “while the children of the Escolanía were accessing the choir and the priests celebrating the Eucharist were going to the main altar.” In the opinion of the Public Ministry, this supposed that Tenreiro disturbed «the normal development of the religious ceremony, since the celebration of the Eucharist at 11 o’clock that day had to be delayed. Likewise, access to the public was closed “until the cleaning of the tombstone was completed.”

There was a second person, who accompanied the now accused and who responds to the initials PPGR, who He recorded the events but did not know their intentions. Those images were “widely” disseminated by various social media, adds the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Delegation of National Heritage of the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial has provided an invoice for the cleaning amount that amounts to 323.41 euros, as well as a certificate of registration of the entrance ticket where the returns that had to be made are recorded, which It amounts to an amount of 510 euros.

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