January 22, 2022 5:42 pm

The Municipal Police distributes 120,000 bracelets for children to prevent them from getting lost in crowds




Today the macro-bridge of the Constitution starts and an avalanche of people is expected in Madrid, in the ‘long weekend’ with more visitors (mostly national) throughout the year, to which we must add the residents of the city.

For this reason, the Municipal Police resumes this year, after the 2020 parenthesis due to the coronavirus, the distribution of tens of thousands of bracelets for children and prevent them from getting lost in the crowds.

There are a total of 120,000, of which the first 20,000 are distributed this afternoon. Most will be downtown, in the busiest areass (Puerta del Sol and surroundings, Callao, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Oriente, Cortylandia …).

The City Council of the capital has proposed that this Christmas is the safest.

Another 100,000 bracelets are already prepared for the next few days, which will be distributed throughout this campaign.

Each one is prepared for parents to write down their names and contact information, in case the child gets lost in all the fuss. Only last weekend, around a million and a half people flocked to the Centro district, coinciding with the lighting of Christmas lights and Black Friday.

The device of the Municipal Police this year rises to 720 reinforcement agents on weekends and holidays, mainly in the downtown area, to which must be added the 400 of ordinary shifts, which brings about 1,200 agents in the most complicated days, in addition to the contingent of
National Police
and of
Civil Guard
(This, in its demarcation, outside the capital, essentially in rural areas).

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