January 21, 2022 4:36 pm

The Association of Prosecutors dismisses as “unacceptable” the “unusual attack” of Baltasar Garzón to the entire career




The Executive Commission of the Association of Prosecutors has answered this Friday
to the statement released by the office headed by former magistrate Baltasar Garzón
and in which he advanced the sending of a burofax to this entity, the majority of the Fiscal Career, because he considered that he was exceeding when asking the State Attorney General for information about the lawyers who under his brand, defend those investigated in the Villarejo case .

The reaction is overwhelming. The association considers that the terms of the letter from Garzón’s office “are unacceptable and inappropriate, constitute an unusual attack on the elected councilors of the Fiscal Council and the Fiscal Career itself which they represent «. It understands that it “intends to condition the actions of the elected councilors and prevent knowledge of what happened through covert intimidation”.

And what happened is the case of the prosecutor Ignacio Stampa, who was in charge of the investigation of the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo until in October of last year, he did not obtain a permanent position in Anticorruption. At that time, proceedings were open at the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office for a complaint of disclosure of secrets that, according to the instructor who was carrying them, later reported on ABC,
lengthened in a “torticera” way
with the mediation of the right hand of Dolores Delgado. In parallel, Stampa itself has initiated a patrimonial claim in which it indicates that having she a “personal and direct interest” in the Villarejo case, Since she is a partner of Garzón and three of her lawyers defend those investigated, she had to abstain from the whole process of assigning places.

It was Delgado herself who submitted what Stampa denounced to the consideration of the Fiscal Council, the Sanhedrin of the race, a few days ago. And at the end of the meeting, The members of the Association of Prosecutors asked him in writing for all the documentation of the case as well as information on the role of Garzón’s law firm in the Villarejo matter. The office responded by directly accusing the Association of trying to access confidential data that would violate the right of defense. It thus obviated that it is not the majority group who is asking for it, but the elected members of the Fiscal Council and who therefore represent the entire career.

For the leadership of the Association of Prosecutors, the reaction of Garzón’s office is intolerable. «The Executive Committee does not accept such warnings, in no case will it allow itself to be intimidated and reiterates its commitment to the Fiscal Career, transparency, abstention duties and the impartiality of all prosecutors. The indicated communication reaffirms us in this need, “he says in a statement.

It does not have the legitimacy to interfere in an organ of the Prosecutor’s Office

Remember that it is “the elected councilors (and not the Executive of the Association)” who “have requested information in writing” about «Essential questions to know if there have been conflicts of interest, causes of abstention or interference in matters by the State Attorney General, precisely in relation to Baltasar Garzón, who according to public information is his sentimental partner.

«Such a request is legitimate, is included in his functions and was requested in a section of the agenda dedicated to this purpose, included by the Attorney General of the State herselfor at the proposal of another professional association and as a result of the press reports related to pressures in the investigation proceedings in which the prosecutor in charge of the procedure in which lawyers from the ILOCAD office could be present, “they add.

Remember that «It is precisely ILOCAD who lacks the legitimacy to interfere in the internal functioning of an organ of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and much less to request from a professional association its minutes or certified copies of its meetings, debates and internal votes ”, as it announced that it was going to do by means of a burofax to the Association.

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