January 25, 2022 4:42 pm

Taliban crack down on forced marriage of women, but forget about their right to education and employment

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The Taliban surprised with a Friday of prayer in which they made issued a decree on women’s rights in the ’emirate’. The Islamists issued a document with six points to clarify that “women are not property, they are a noble and free human being” and reject forced marriage, a common practice in the country. The Taliban consider that women “should not be forced to marry against their will, whether single or widowed. No person can give one woman to another in exchange for a peace agreement or to end a lawsuit.

This is the Taliban’s first gesture toward women since proclaiming victory over the United States and they took control of Kabul on August 15, but in the decree they make no allusion to education for secondary school girls, who are still in their homes after the closure of their classrooms by the Ministry of Education.

Nor does it refer to the civil servants who are still at home. unable to go to their jobs.

Without international recognition

After more than three months in power, no country recognizes the ’emirate’ and the pressure grows due to the restrictions on women. In addition to prohibiting them from playing sports, closing secondary schools, closing the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and sending most of the female civil servants home, Islamists recently limited the presence of women in the media and fiction series as much as possible. theater plays.

With the new decree they would seek to alleviate that external pressure which translates into the financial aid freeze by key institutions such as the United States, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The situation is critical and, according to United Nations figures, 19 million Afghans already face severe food insecurity, a number that will grow by another four million this winter.

Heather Barr, Co-director of the Women’s Rights section of Human Rights Watch (HRW), highlighted on social media that the new decree has “positive points”, but made it clear that “they will be difficult to comply with since the Taliban do not protect women in case of dispute with a man. Barr reminded Islamists that “women’s rights are about more than marriage. What about education, employment…? «An unanswered question after more than a hundred days of ’emirate’.

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