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Souls dance on tires: Romeo and Juliet on the beach

★★★ Author and director: Pilar Ruiz. Interpreters: Camila Conte Roberts, Daniel Begino, Federico Martínez, Fran Bert, Jesús Catalino, Joaquín Gallardo, Juan Tupac Soler, Lola Banfi, Matías Méndez, Romina Oslé. Costumes and scenery: Victoria Chacón. Lights: Lucía Feijoó. Song: Gaston Poirier. Physical training and choreography: Andrés Molina. Living room: People’s Theater, Lavalle 3636. Functions: Sundays at 5pm. Duration: 90 minutes.

Generations have drunk and will drink from the miraculous Shakespearean waters. Artists and thinkers appropriated these texts with the flashlight of each era. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, among so many adaptations, it appears first West side story (O Love without barriers), the musical of Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein y Stephen Sondheim, of 1957, and his film versions, that of Robert Wise, in 1961 and the imminent one of Steven Spielberg, about the angry crush between two teenagers from enemy gangs in mid-1950s New York.

The playwright and director Pilar Ruiz (Suyay, Rest well, In the background) he does a job of enormous delicacy when writing in verse and rhyme, mostly eight syllables, and with specific jargon, the story of this anthological love set in a local village today. Already from the title Souls dance on tires -that the book resonates When I die I want them to play me cumbia, by Cristian Alarcón-, the not only social but aesthetic clue is revealed in a hostile scenographic space, crossed by metal scaffolding.

Gastón Poirier’s remixed-electronic cumbias (the album is on Spotify), street dances such as popping and locking (rhythmic joint and muscle movements), beatbox and freestyle competitions, sports wardrobe by Saladitas make up that world right here, inspired by the Playón Chacarita neighborhood, to which Ruiz’s sensitive ear paid attention and found poetry in his way of communicating.

With a cast of ten actors and actresses of disparate performances among which stand out Romina Oslé as Gladys (the prostitute who takes care of Valu / Julieta played by Camila Conte Roberts) and Jesus Catalino as Mike (Julio / Romeo’s friend, by Juan Tupac Soler), Souls dance on tires it is a testimonial work that rides on a canonical tale and whose remarkable cultural gesture is to explore universes that little by little begin to be frequented by the theater.

Souls dance on tiresFrancisco Castro Pizzo


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