January 25, 2022 6:14 pm

Pedro Sánchez will close the Congress of Galician Socialists on Wednesday




Although everything pointed to this since he had already participated in recent weeks in other regional congresses, it was not until this Friday that the organizing committee of the PSdeG conclave has confirmed that the President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, will close the forum of the Galician socialists on Wednesday. The PSdeG congress, the party’s most important decision-making body, will serve to stage the change in the leadership of the Galician socialists after the victory of Valentín González Formoso over Gonzalo Caballero, but also to choose the direction that PSdeG will drive for the next four years.

The XIV Congress of the PSdeG was presented this Friday at a press conference by three members of the organizing committee, relieved by Ferraz at the request of Formoso.

Blas García, Teresa Facal and Ana Pena have explained that on Tuesday and Wednesday a thousand members and delegates will meet at the Palacio de Congresos de Santiago. “A new stage” will open in the party that will put an end to the ‘gonzalista’ era. Caballero and his associates, however, annoyed that Formoso do not count on them in this new stage despite their promises of integration, they will go to the conclave with the intention of trying to preserve some parts of power within the party. Caballero himself justified the initiative “to give a voice to the left, the militancy and the local groups, if the Secretary General continues to be determined not to open a way of dialogue.”

In the congress, the members of the executive commission, the federal committee, the ethics commission and the national committee will be elected, and it is in the latter that some activists and delegates close to Gonzalo Caballero want to obtain representation, and for this they prepare a list alternative. He is still planning the question, however, of whether he will be able to present himself. And is that it is not yet clear how the party’s future national committee will be elected.

Until now, almost all members of the national committee were elected through local groupings, but Ferraz has suggested that most of them should be elected at regional congresses. Given this, some militants have presented amendments to consolidate the decision-making power of local groups and that the weight of the congress is not decisive. Therefore, the way in which the members of the national committee will be elected should be debated at the same congress. Just in case, those related to Gonzalo Caballero are prepared.

‘Galicia advances’

The congress, which will have the motto ‘Galicia that advances’, will have its main course on Wednesday, but it will be the day before when the amendments presented by the militants to the framework presentation are debated. As explained yesterday at a press conference the organizing committee, have received a total of 2,148 amendments. To debate them, five papers will be created on institutions, economics, welfare policies, territory and sustainability, and the party model and the statutes that will govern the PSdeG in the next four years.

Before It will be the official proclamation of González Formoso as Secretary General, after his recent victory in the primaries –with 60% of the votes, over Gonzalo Caballero–. The defeated candidate will also have to give an account of his management. That first day will be opened by the person in charge of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán, and in the afternoon the aforementioned commissions will be launched. On Wednesday the members of the executive, the members of the national and federal committees, as well as the ethics commission will be voted on. Finally, the President of the Government will be in charge of closing the conclave of the Galician socialists.

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