January 18, 2022 10:59 pm

Not done on purpose

The year has 365 days and 12 months, perhaps that is why it is more striking that it is December 1 when the prohibition to circulate through the old town of Valencia in Ciutat Vella comes into force. Yes, in the month with the highest volume of purchases, with small businesses shivering in the middle of the pandemic, the Valencia City Council activates the sanctioning procedure among the criticisms of neighbors who highlight the difficulty in activating the registration of their own vehicles and merchants , those that Compromís carries in his heart when he talks about small businesses but of those that happens in situations like this one. Plenary session for which he decided that all this would start on December 1. At the same time, the lighting chosen for Valencia during Christmas will not compete with that of the Disney parks. Little entity has to present as a defense argument that more is invested than the last municipal government of the PP did in 2015 when there was not even to pay for electricity, at the price of before not now. There are issues in management to which in addition to money you have to put affection, and of the latter and looking at Christmas from the City Council, it is just and necessary to comply with the file. And all this ends in the parade of kings. A month before the SSMM de Oriente arrive in Valencia, the council has already notified that the walk of the Magi is reduced to a minimum, without an accompanying caravan and so that it can be carried out in the shortest possible time. It turns out that during the next 30 days and if there is no counter-order, my son will continue to go to school, the nightlife venues will be filled day after day as well, more than 30,000 spectators will gather at Mestalla to attend the breakup by chapters of Valencia, and of course the cinemas will be full to attend the latest premieres. But it turns out that with all that on the night of January 5, the most beautiful and the most magical of the year, it is a danger to go out one-thirty to the street to see the parade that accompanies the kings go by. How curious, and at the same time, how strange …


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