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Juan Roig gives a masterclass to 220 freelancers and small entrepreneurs at the closing of Superpymes




Juan Roig, President of Mercadona and honorary president of EDEMA, has given a master class on the closing day of the program
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. In the session, held this Friday at EDEM’s Paco Pons Auditorium, he shared his experiences with 220 students, all freelancers and small entrepreneurs. “All successful companies have three things in common: a clear number one, a business model and a mission,” he stressed.

“A good leader He is the most important thing, he is the one who makes the decisions; companies are its reflection. The model collects the values ​​and rules of the game, allows all workers to go in the same direction. The more you give, the more you receive, and this is how we apply it to our model.

And the mission is where you define what your company exists for and what needs you know how to best satisfy; It has to be internalized ”, he stressed. In addition, he added that “all companies have the same problems: they are always related to bosses (the customer), workers, suppliers, society and capital.”

«Go in the opposite direction, so go the geniuses and the madmen. And strive; when you make an effort, the brain grows and is not the same again “, he has assured at the same time that he has warned that it is necessary to know how to rectify and pivot:” If the concepts with which you start are wrong, do not expect to succeed. «A company needs leadership to make all the necessary changes; if not, it will disappear ”, he has finished. During the more than two hours of presentation, the students have been able to debate with Juan Roig the different topics that have been discussed.

Inspiration for small entrepreneurs

At the opening of the day, Hortensia Roig, President of EDEM, wanted to address the students: «We hope we have inspired and stirred you; have made you change, grow or pivot; because what we have taught you, without your realizing it, is what the philosopher José Antonio Marina calls the three virtues of action necessary for learning to happen: perseverance, resilience and passion ».

Image of Juan Roig during his presentation at EDEM’s Superpymes program – ABC

For his part, Xicu Costa, territorial director of CaixaBank in the Valencian Community, he pointed out in his closing speech that «from our entity we have intensified the collaboration with the program Superpymes of EDEM because we understand that in the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, this type of initiative is more necessary than ever, which seeks to support groups such as the self-employed and small companies, and especially the most affected sectors. “The Small business, restaurants, shops, freelancers, micro-businesses and SMEs are a very important part of our economy that CaixaBank has, now more than ever, a magnificent ally ”, he added.

This year EDEM has multiplied its commitment to promoting self-employed and micro-businesses by renewing Super SMEs with the aim of welcoming more students and solving the problems that currently concern them, linked to the effects caused by the Covid-19. With this in-depth update, the program, which has had the collaboration of CaixaBank for years, has held six editions throughout 2021, whose students have shared the closing day today. The course takes up its
2022 editions

The Superpymes faculty is made up of experts from Business Marina (EDEM, Lanzadera, Angels and Apoyo Legado) and company executives. In addition, the students know real experiences, such as that of Manuel Palma, president of the Palma Group and vice president of EDEM, who has been linked to the program since the first edition and today has closed the course. “Take advantage of the learning you have acquired, be daring and do not forget the reason why you exist, your clients,” he said.

EDEM School of Entrepreneurs be part of the accelerator and incubator

Shuttle and the investment company Angels, from the entrepreneurship pole
Business Marina
. It is an initiative of Juan Roig located in the Valencia Marina which has the mission of training, advising and financing the entrepreneurs of today and of the future and that constitutes a commitment to the creation of wealth, employment and the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship.

EDEM is a private non-profit foundation whose mission is to training of businessmen, managers and entrepreneurs and the promotion of leadership, an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of effort, thus becoming a source of talent for society. Founded in 2002, its training is divided into four areas: Pre-university, University, Executive Education and Senior Management. In the last year, 3,000 students passed through their classrooms.

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