January 21, 2022 4:26 pm

How to avoid scams in summer rentals?

The Buenos Aires Ombudsman recommended taking a series of precautions to avoid scams when renting properties for the summer season. In a statement, the provincial body specified that in the summer periods “social networks are filled with false profiles that offer non-existent properties, to deceive potential clients. It is very important to bear in mind that the most common deceptions occur with publications that seduce with proposals for large houses at affordable prices, well equipped and with an enviable location.”, They explained.

For this reason, and to avoid scams, the Ombudsman’s Office suggested that “if the suspicious posts or notices are, for example, on sites like Mercado Libre or Marketplace, You have to read the comments and scores they are given on this type of online platform”. In addition, they recommended looking for accommodation on other internet pages, checking their social networks, checking if they have an official website, verifying the address and corroborating photos. ”If possible, go to the renter’s house to close the deal. In the personal encounter with the owner it is more difficult for a scam to happen”, They indicated.

On the other hand, the Ombudsman remarked that when the communication is by telephone, you should try to make it to a fixed number and not by WhatsApp, since “these are registered and canceled very easily and are difficult to track”, an issue that does not happen with a landline phone, since “it is associated with an address, that is, it can be located”.

Preparation and rental prices for the next season in Pinamar. Sep 24, 2021.Mauro V. Rizzi – LA NACION

Another important piece of information is that When it comes to listing the home, it is very useful to do so in a bank-based way (up to 20 or 30%), and not pay the total until entering the property. In addition, it should be checked through Google Maps or Street View if the house exists.

The Ombudsman also proposed that the potential client request an early shipment of the contract to be signed, as well as an inventory of the furniture. “You also have to demand that you have a clause that provides for the possibility of termination by the tenant in the event of a failure in the services that is not resolved within 48 hours”, They pointed from the organism.

Finally, they recalled that in case of being a victim of a scam or for any type of advice on the subject, they can contact the Ombudsman’s Office at 0800-222-5262 or through social networks.


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