January 20, 2022 4:56 pm

Health Pass: what is it and when will it be implemented?

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, attended an event in Santa Fe where she confirmed that the measure of the Health Pass would come into effect from next week. Likewise, he explained that work is being carried out in a transversal manner in various areas of the Government that include “Sports, Tourism, Culture and the jurisdictions within the framework of the Federal Health Council (Cofesa).”

During the press conference, the official said: “What the health passport is looking for is that we take care of each other, put into relevance what it means to complete the vaccination schedules ”. However, he stressed that there is no resistance to vaccination but that some people no longer take it as a priority.

Minister Carla Vizzotti

In this sense, he assured that this new implementation aims to continue promoting the vaccination campaign. “We have the age group between 18 and 39 who have missed the second dose shifts, and that is surely because they perceive that they have less risk and because the epidemiological situation is very favorable,” he explained.

Referring to the new waves of contagion that are being experienced in other countries, he said: “The message for this age group is that it is key to receive the second dose, reinforce immunity so that when viral circulation increases, we are all as immune as possible ”.

The health pass will be necessary to attend a series of social and cultural events
The health pass will be necessary to attend a series of social and cultural events

Highlighting the importance of receiving the necessary doses, he concluded: “The moment is to act Nation, provinces, municipalities, the media and society, to exercise their right to be vaccinated and between each of the areas minimize the risk of increase of cases and hospitalizations ”.

The Health Pass It is a certificate stating that the person over 13 years of age received the necessary doses of vaccines, thus completing the planned schedule. It enables the wearer to be able to attend massive events, closed places and spaces with greater participation.

According to what Vizzotti reported, it will be necessary “for those mega-events, both open and closed, and there is nothing restrictive about it. These health passes are enabling ”. He also assured: “Today we have 100% capacity, courts, recitals, and the way to have all this is the health pass.”

CABA vaccination certificate
CABA vaccination certificateGCBA

In order to access these events, It is only necessary to have the credential that corroborates the vaccines received either in the My Argentina application or with the physical card.

People over 13 years of age will have to demonstrate have completed the vaccination schedule at least two weeks before the event to be able to attend: mass events, cultural centers, gyms, cinemas, tourist attractions, sporting events that involve crowds of people, recitals, party halls and bowling alleys, religious gatherings, attendance at bars and restaurants.

Given the increase in Covid-19 infections in that province, the interim governor, Osvaldo Jaldo, announced on December 1 that the application of at least two doses of the vaccine must be accredited to be able to enter cultural and religious events, gyms, recitals and parties. In this way, Tucumán is the first in the Argentine territory to implement the health pass.

In the case of Tucumán, the pass will be required for example in the clubs
In the case of Tucumán, the pass will be required for example in the clubs Gerardo Viercovich – LA NACION

It is a purely sanitary measure designed to prevent and also aims to ensure that the greatest number of people from Tucumán are vaccinated.“Said the official about the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) that he signed.


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