January 22, 2022 6:23 pm

Explosive cyclogenesis confirmed for the final span of the bridge

Jose Miguel Viñas 2 min

The Constitution Bridge is presented with a very changeable and wintry weather, which will show its less friendly face mainly in the north of the peninsula. Tomorrow Saturday will be a rainy day in the extreme north of the peninsula, for the moment without excessive cold, with snowfall mainly in the Pyrenees. On Sunday it will snow in abundance in all mountain systems of the northern half of the peninsula, and nearby areas. In the Pyrenees the snow level will be located at the end of the day between 500 and 700 meters, in the Cantabrian Mountains, between 700-900 meters, and in the Central and Iberian systems, between 900-1000 meters.

On Monday the weather will give a little truce. We expect weak rains only in Galicia and the Cantabrian communities. Sunny environment in the center-south of the peninsula and in the south of the Canary Islands, with rising daytime temperatures.

On Tuesday a deep squall from Ireland, that will be subjected to a process of explosive cyclogenesis. That day will generate a front that will leave very abundant rains throughout the peninsular northwest, as well as strong southwest winds, which will roll to the northwest during the second half of the day, causing a marked decrease in temperatures and snow levels, which in Galicia will be located around 800 meters at the end of the day.

On Wednesday the showers and snowfalls will spread over large areas of the Peninsula, with a very unpleasant and wintry weather. Snow levels will be between 800-1000 meters. Conditions will be adverse on many highways, which will require great caution among drivers who travel that day of operation on the return of the bridge.


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