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Check the result of the EuroMillions draw for today Friday, December 3, 2021



The winning numbers of Euromillions today Friday, December 3, 2021 has been composed by the numbers 21,22,29,32,46 and the stars 10y 09 .

The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday in the afternoon, and it takes place in Paris. EuroMillions tickets are sold for two and a half euros per ticket in Spain.

To play EuroMillions you have to choose 5 numbers, which can be between 1 and 50, and 2 lucky stars, which can be numbers from 1 to 12. In the draw, 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars are drawn at random from two drums containing numbered balls.

The prize for the EuroMillions draw varies in the different draws.

The jackpot builds up as long as top-notch prizes are awarded up to a maximum of 190 million. In that case, the excess increases the second category prizes. When a first-rate prize is awarded, the world The minimum for the next draw is 17 million euros.

The Euromillions It is a draw where several European countries participate and which is organized by the institutions in charge of the lottery in the different participating countries: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

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