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Ancelotti plays it with Casemiro



The March 2, 2016 Carlos Henrique’s life changed Casemiro. Zidane decided that Real Madrid’s midfield needed a motor to slow down the opposing team’s counterattack and the Brazilian was given an opportunity against Levante, 1-3 in Valencia, which he took advantage of thanks to its destructive efficiency. Since then he has been the traveling companion of Modric y Kroos During six years in which he has celebrated fourteen titles with his club and a Copa América with Brazil.

“Casemiro does not rest” is a phrase that has been heard in Valdebebas for six years. Rotations are not for him. He became irreplaceable from that meeting in the City of Valencia.

The Madrid team, before and now, does not have a player who does his own function of steal, bite, plug, press and go up to score goals with his powerful shot and head off.

Casemiro brings to Ancelotti’s scheme that word that defines his career, both when he was a midfielder with Capello and in his time as a coach: balance

has shown with facts that the South American is almost essential. He adds four reprimands in the League and if he is punished with a card in Anoeta, he will miss the derby a week later. The coach analyzed the case for a day and his decision is clairvoyant: «I don’t look at the subsequent games against Inter and Atlético, I think about the first, which is against Real Sociedad, and housemiro will play ».

His reflection is a potion of experience What is the use of protecting him for the derby if his men lose today in San Sebastián? «Camavinga and Blanco are two young people who have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and they can enter their place, but they lack experience “, argues Ancelotti. “They will replace him at other times.” Today is not due, it is not the day, it is a League final.

The boy who was born in a very poor ‘favela’ family already has 19 games this year and the two that he missed were due to injury, apart from a painful wisdom tooth

The boy who he was born into a very poor family in Sao José dos Campos, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, has already played 19 games and the two he missed in the Spanish championship were due to a physical problem, with a wisdom tooth as a painful finish. This leading role has been his keynote for five years, a period in which he has played between 43 and 48 matches per season at Real Madrid.

It has been essential for Zinedine in two stages, for Solari, for Lopetegui and so is now for Ancelotti. And that the Italian did not believe in 2014 in the child raised in a favela, so he left to Oporto de Julen, where consecrated. “Maybe I was wrong about him then,” admits the coach sincerely. Talked with housemiro when he came back to the house and they debated about it.

Now 29, there is no question. The white sapper gives the ‘allenatore’ the virtue of a football team that he mentions the most every day of his life: “Balance”. housemiro brings to Ancelotti’s scheme that word that defines the Italian’s career, both when he was a midfielder with Capello as in his era as a technician.

Four days before PSG’s “no” to the transfer of Mbappé, the 27 In August, the center was renewed by the White House until 2025, with the addition of two years and an economic improvement over its previous agreement, in addition to an ‘anti-sheik’ clause that amounted to 750 million. Before the pandemic, the Premier offered 80 million to Florentino Pérez for the pivot. “Not for sale“Was the reply.

“I don’t take it away,” is the reply by Ancelotti. The fourth card, suffered against Sevilla, has put him to the limit. But Casemiro always played to the limit.

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