January 25, 2022 4:44 pm

A radicalized jihadist who worked as a farmer arrested in Tarragona




a jihadist “Strongly radicalized” that indoctrinated new adherents. The National Police He detained him in Tarragona this Wednesday, where he worked as a farmer, after detecting that he was engaged in attract new followers of DAESH via Internet.

The investigation began in May 2020, when the Police arrested two other individuals in Ciudad Real, now convicted of terrorist indoctrination. In this second phase of the operation Rila, the agents have reached a 37-year-old Maghreb man who consumed a huge amount of jihadist material.

«It was an evolution. First it was the own consumption of these contents. For two years, a lot of them, and then we detected that he encouraged other people to visualize them. From explosives manuals, to executions, beheadings, absolutely everything “, sources of the investigation explain to ABC.

All this was done through the internet since the individual barely maintained contacts in his real life. “He did not relate to almost anyone,” the police detail, indicating that the investigation did not find anything that would suggest that the now detainee planned to carry out an attack. Of course, they point out that «the time that elapses between the consumption of jihadist content and the attack can be immediate, or instead never happen ». In this case, nothing shows that he had it in mind.

The man kept contact with terrorists active in conflict zones in the Middle East. “They are gaining knowledge and generating contacts until they gain the trust of those on the ground,” the same sources detail.

In Tarragona he worked as farmer, when those arrested in the first part of the operation Rila they were temporary.

The National Intelligence Center (CNI), the Mossos d’Esquadra, and the French and Moroccan authorities.

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