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Today’s latest culture news Monday, November 29



If you want to be up to date with all last informative hours of today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the essential headlines of the Monday, November 29 that you can not miss, like these:

This was the agony of Juncal, the galleon that was shipwrecked in 1631 and is returning today to the Archivo de Indias

Those 311 lives were lost in waves that looked like mountains. A hurricane wind threw the galleon against the wall of water, howled in the rigging, soaked the sails and lines, crashed the sailors against the planking, while, with each jolt, panic dried the throats of the crew, the only thing that it remained dry from bow to stern, from bowsprit to rudder.

The novel with which Abdulrazak Gurnah returns to Spanish bookstores, exclusively

Let’s start with the child. His name was Yusuf, and when he was twelve he had to suddenly leave his home.

He remembered that it was the dry season and that each day was the same as the one before. The flowers died as soon as they sprouted. Strange insects crawled out from under the stones to wriggle to death in the blazing light. The sun made distant trees tremble in the air and houses shudder and gasped with difficulty. With each footstep a cloud of dust rose, and an overwhelming stillness hung over the hottest hours. Precise moments like these came to mind when he least expected it.

The console generation that never came

The latest generation of consoles is reminiscent of Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Waiting for Godot’: almost everyone expects that, at any moment, Microsoft and Sony will be able to meet the demand for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. And meanwhile –While they wait– what happens is time. And a little more. Neither company has been able to weather the chip shortage that prevents more systems from being manufactured, making finding the brand-new machines, one year after launch, virtually mission impossible. “The new generation has been marked by a pandemic that continues to generate challenges on a daily basis, particularly in regard to the supply chain and video game development,” Oscar del Moral, director of Koch Media, tells this newspaper. of the most important developers and distributors in Europe.

Peter Jackson: “We see the Beatles being themselves for the first time”

The audiovisual experience of ‘Get Back’, the documentary that shows the process of creating ‘Let it be’, is as immersive as it was sold to us. It makes the viewer feel that they are sitting next to the Fab Four in the rehearsal room in such an intense way that it makes them want to get up from the sofa to tell them not to be discouraged, that they are going to make it. They had three weeks to record an album and prepare a presentation concert, and they were on the verge of crashing. Of course they didn’t, but now we know how much it cost them.

Juan Manuel de Prada: «All the revolutions of the left are today at the service of capitalism»

Dice Juan Manuel de Prada (Baracaldo, 1970) that the only way not to get dizzy in such a stunning time as the one we live in is to take flight and observe things with an eagle’s eye. Look not at the dust of today (so different from the present), but at the ultimate causes of what is happening. This is: trying to define the great currents that drag us to one place or another, trying to reveal the master ideas of our time. With that spirit, he assures, he has illuminated all the articles that he has compiled in ‘Amendment to the whole’ (Homo Legens), a book in which he brings out his anti-modern and traditional gaze, of which he always makes the flag.

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