January 18, 2022 10:22 pm

The Government will donate 700 thousand vaccines against Covid-19

The Government authorized this Monday, through the Official Gazette, the donation of more than 700 thousand doses of AstraZeneca vaccines against Covid-19. The doses will be sent to the African countries of Angola and Kenya, and to the Caribbean state of Barbados, as ordered in three decrees by President Alberto Fernández.

The Casa Rosada ordered the delivery of 350,000 doses to the Republic of Angola, 400,000 doses to Kenya, and 30,000 to Barbados. The decision was embodied in decrees 817, 818 and 819. This is the third series of donations authorized by Casa Rosada.

“The pandemic constitutes a global challenge that requires a solidarity strategy aimed at equitable access to vaccines designed to generate immunity against Covid-19 ″, was stated in the recitals of each of the donations.

In addition, it was reported that, according to the Directorate for the Control of Immunopreventable Diseases, the Ministry of Health has Sufficient stock to make donations.

In the decrees, the Government took into account the contract signed with AstraZeneca for the purchase and sale in advance of the immunizer produced in the country. And also the donation received by the United States, Mexico, Canada and Spain from 7.063.400 vaccines from the same manufacturer at a time when access to doses “was more difficult than today.”

The joint donation of the countries “favored Argentina to advance with the vaccination campaign, which accelerated the complete scheme for the population most at risk and favored the current epidemiological scenario.”

In turn, the decrees state that as of November 15, 78.3% of the population has had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and 56.5% have the complete vaccination schedule.

“Likewise, as of that date, the Argentine Republic registers a steady decline in the number of coronavirus cases for 20 weeks due to the advance of vaccination and the maintenance of care measures ”, it was specified.

“The Argentine Republic considers that the joint efforts between nations are substantial to limit the economic and health effects caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic,” it was stated in another paragraph of the measure.

On November 11, the country authorized 450,000 doses to Mozambique, 500.000 a South Vietnam, 18.000 a St. Lucia, 11.000 a St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and 2,000 to Commonwealth of Dominica. And later, on November 11, was authorized a shipment of 11 thousand doses a Granada, a small island state that is part of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea


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