January 21, 2022 6:13 pm

Tomorrow some mountains of the Peninsula will have 1 meter of snow!

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Probably only the milling machines will be able to access the highest passes of the Cantabrian Mountains during the weekend. Snow thicknesses will in some cases exceed one meter thick.

This Friday, the storm that has affected the Iberian Peninsula in recent days is moving away towards the interior of Europe. The snowfalls have been copious and generalized in some points of the interior of the eastern half, highlighting the Iberian System and also some points of the Central, the Cantabrian and the Pyrenees, with snow levels around 1000 meters but that have occasionally dropped to 600 or 700 meters, punctually affecting several capitals of the North Plateau.

During this weekend, however, a different situation arises. A powerful storm will be located over the north of France while the anticyclone will remain centered in the north of the Azores, This will facilitate a flow of north and northwest winds that will drag a polar, cold and humid maritime air mass. On this occasion, it will be the Cantabrian Mountains that accumulate the greatest thicknesses of snow, although it will also snow in the rest of the mountains with a certain intensity, being able to reach between 30 and 60 centimeters of new snow in the Pyrenees and the northern Iberian System.

The wind from the north and northwest will drag a mass of maritime polar air, very cold and humid, which will cause snowfall in medium levels and very considerable thicknesses.

In principle, the snowfalls are already taking place this Friday with levels above 1000 meters, but it will be tomorrow Saturday when they reach greater intensity, with lower levels that can occasionally drop to 500-700 meters and with very considerable thicknesses from just 800 or 1000 meters. This will have an important impact in populated mountain areas of Asturias, León, Palencia and Burgos, where there are active orange notices.

Throughout the weekend in areas of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees will accumulate about 1 meter of new snow.

Above 1300 meters, where the temperature will be negative in the next 48 hours, the accumulated could reach between 100 and 150 centimeters in the central and eastern massifs of the Cantabrian Mountains. The strong winds will also prevent the snow cover from being uniform, forming large snowdrifts and ledges where the thickness could reach several meters and destabilize the snow cover in areas of steep slopes. It will therefore be necessary to check the risk of avalanches before accessing high mountain areas, not only this weekend, when the blizzard conditions will make it highly inadvisable to access these areas, but also during the coming week.

Thaws and strong winds

Although they will be less significant phenomena, the gusts of wind will exceed 60 kilometers per hour with relative ease in exposed areas of almost any point of the Peninsula, and could approach or slightly exceed 90 km / h in the main mountain ranges, leading to blizzard conditions. Also in pre-coastline and coastline of Tarragona and Castellón very strong gusts will be registered.

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In addition, the rise in temperatures that will occur on Monday accompanied by new rainfall, It will cause strong thaws in the Cantabrian Mountains at levels below 1600 or 1800 meters. Thawing has already been a problem this week, especially in the Sella and Deva basins, among others. The channels are therefore still quite full and with little capacity to evacuate more water, so the flow of rivers and streams will have to be closely monitored in the coming days.


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