January 22, 2022 6:39 pm

Tips to successfully overcome this weekend’s “super cold”

Natacha Payà 5 min
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These days seem more like winter than mid-autumn. Some basic tips could help us on a day-to-day basis.

Low temperatures, heavy rainfall and snow in much of the Central and Iberian System and the Cantabrian Mountains, that is the current panorama. After the passage of DANA, the days seem more like winter than autumn. Many do not like to be cold, but there are times when there is no other option and this weekend will be one of them. Definitely, some of these tips could help us In day to day.

Tips to stay cold in the best way

If we want to endure cold temperatures and not feel uncomfortable, we must bundle up well and expose ourselves, in a very moderate way, to the cold. Some advise put into practice “shock therapy”, but also do not overdo it. For instance, showering with cooler water than normal It can be unpleasant, but when it comes to adapting physiologically to the cold, it is beneficial. Complying with this is not easy, but there are other necessary and much more bearable options, such as those recommended by the Ministry of Health during Filomena’s passage -look at the tweets-.

There are many tips, but of course the ones that work best are the ones that go accompanied by energy savings. Keeping warm at home without spending a lot it has become the main objective of all Spaniards. For it, lowering the blinds and keeping the windows tightly closed and insulated is the number one step in “controlling” the heat.

Close the doors inside the house it will also help trap heat in each room. It is recommended that you turn on the heating thirty minutes before to get up and turn it off after two hours (if you want to save energy). In this way, the house will be kept warm thanks to the residual heat.

What is the most appropriate clothing?

Feeling the cold soak in our body is quite unpleasant, for that reason we must eliminate from our clothing some mistakes that many people make. Dressing in thin layers is a big mistake when it comes to inappropriate clothing.We’d better invest in better quality thermal clothing. Eye! Must keep the neck well covered, since the body’s defenses are weakened and it is easier to catch infections.

Dress in thermal clothing, keep your neck well covered, choose good footwear -especially if it is raining-, put the pants inside the boots and cover the sleeves with gloves.

The same goes for shoes, as having cold or wet feet is a horrible feeling. It is best to choose suitable footwear and socks for winter or rainy days. In this way we will be able to spread the feeling of well-being throughout the body. To cover the legs well, put the pants inside the boots and over the socks.

We are almost there! The winter jacket is very important, the hat and the thermal gloves also. We must not forget to cover the sleeves with gloves and to close the zipper of the jacket to the top so that the cold does not escape us. Now yes! Ready to hit the streets.


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